1. Brisco94

    1994 FJZ Stereo Upgrade - 3D Printing and Other Custom Stuff

    Going to be posting progress as I upgrade my 94 FJZ80 Stereo. Going for a factory look wherever possible, and getting creative with 3D Printing to overcome the small, shallow door speaker limitations. Here's the gear I'm working with so far: Front Door Speakers: Morel Maximo 5.25 Components...
  2. A

    1999LC Aftermarket Stereo noise

    Hi, not sure if I bring up an old topic, but I have no luck in finding a way to fix this problem. I bought this head unit from crutchfield: Kenwood Excelon DDX6905S And it comes with a wiring harness like this: Metra 70-8112 Receiver Wiring Harness I installed it last weekend and got some...
  3. Miamedia

    Dash & Rear Door Speaker Install (Perfect fitting after-market Pioneer Speakers)

    I found a set of 4" Pioneer speakers that bolt directly into the dash, without modification. I am not sure if these are the same speakers which other folks have posted about in prior speaker install threads, but I am posting anyway, because of the ease of installation, as compared to the...
  4. K

    LandCruiser 2000 to 2002 Stereo Install Guide

    I purchased some stuff from Crutchfield today. They didn't have an install guide for a 2001 LX but, they did have an install guide for a LandCruiser 2000 to 2002 without Navigation. I am posting it if it helps anyone in the future.
  5. djzimms

    For Sale  Simple Mod I love & Stereo/Amp/Console/Console Speaker/Etc. for Sale

    So, today I did a downgrade to upgrade after upgrading my stereo and speakers. I put a 1992 center console into my 1997 LX450 which gives me more storage &!!! an extra cup holder or two (debating on adding the old console cup holder into a position for the passenger. With that, I'm selling my...
  6. screenflicker

    Another aftermarket stereo thread (Seicane)

    Took my first long distance drive in my 2013 LC last week and it performed wonderfully after I figured out a few of the quirks. One of which is the stereo system. I've seen a couple threads here about people thinking about or looking at some of the "Tesla" style stereos. I don't recall any of...
  7. Gnarwgn

    Another Subwoofer Question Sorry (but not sorry)

    So - I've invested more time than I'd like to admit trying to answer this on my own. And many of you out there have some pretty respectable setups, I tip my hat. I also recognize that there are a boatload of strings hitting on the subject of subwoofer replacement and related upgrades. My...

    New Lexus LX450 OEM Factory Head unit re-installed

    Hey everyone.... thanks to @asutherland I was able to get a new OEM Lexus LX450 head unit, and had my local Toyota Dealership install it. Here are the before and after pictures..... Really happy with the look and the center stack is slowly getting lit up, and will seen hopefully look like it did...
  9. C

    2000 stereo DIN size 180mm to 200mm bezel /facia

    is there a part i can use so the bezel/facia is 200mm wide at the DIN stereo slot? like here : his is RHD but has the same 100s series controls at the bottom (climate, antenna) etc I ordered a 200mm stereo and seller insisted they will send everything included after they asked for a...
  10. Shifter Console Uncovered

    Shifter Console Uncovered

    21 years of yuck needing to be cleaned away
  11. Shifter Uncovered

    Shifter Uncovered

    21 years of yuck needing to be cleaned away
  12. Subwoofer (aka the 9th speaker)

    Subwoofer (aka the 9th speaker)

    located in 3rd row passenger side'll see the speaker grill
  13. Interior Overhaul

    Interior Overhaul

    interior overhaul
  14. Interior Overhaul

    Interior Overhaul

    interior overhaul
  15. Interior Overhaul

    Interior Overhaul

    interior overhaul
  16. Interior Overhaul

    Interior Overhaul

    interior overhaul
  17. melmwood

    My Build Thread...Well, Try to Build Thread...97 FZJ80

    Let's see...always wanted a Land Cruiser. Mechanically it is sound. But she's needed some good old fashion money thrown at her to get her to Good overall, excluding the disaster of an interior. Here's a list of most work done to date (with any part numbers or links to products used that...
  18. ZGMikey

    Wanted  FOUND!!!! NON-WORKING FJ62 Stereo

    Got an original stereo that doesn't work? I'll take it off your hands and throw you a little cash to boot! Looking for one to "modernize" the innards. Easiest contact is to email me
  19. Classic85

    For Sale  Whole Hog 8" Shallow mount Sub panel

    Toyota FJ-80 & Lexus LX-450 Sub Woofer Mount with MONO Amp Plate If you don't know whole hog it allows for a 8" shallow mount sub to be installed in the rear quarter panel replacing the factory sub location. I slightly modified the top section to ensure that there was no rubbing between body and...
  20. schiller2300

    Tesla Style Stereo Research - Landcruiser 2008-15

    I wanted to document this journey as I have recently rehomed my 80 series of 15 years to Mississippi and last month purchased Moira Rose - a 2008 Landcruiser here in Central Arkanas. I was very pleasantly surprised at how much the Landcruiser had in common with my almost 16 year her senior...
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