1. paulzak

    Fix 4 Exhaust Pipe Banging on Rear X-Member

    Forgive me if this is obvious or has been suggested before but I haven't run across it. For whatever reason, the spacing between the exhaust pipe and my '92 FJ80 rear cross member was tight enough to bang when driven on my 3/4 mi gravel driveway. After confirming that the mounting cushions...
  2. C

    BP51 Leveling

    Hello all. I am currently running the BP51s with 2722 rear springs. Front end was first installed with preload set at the recommended height of a petrol engine and no bull bar or winch. It had such an awful rake I decided to take it off and adjust the preload to about 8mm. I still have a bit of...
  3. bubfuji

    SOLD 1.5" 6x5.5 Wheel spacers 6160 Aluminmum

    I have 2 1.5" wheel spacers (Briefly used). $30.00 + whatever shipping costs
  4. Connorham

    T-Bars/Spacer Lift Questions/Pics

    I have a 2002 LC with 211,XXX miles. All stock except for 285/75 BFG KO2. Been a great tire. I am needing a new suspension. I drive 95% On Road as it is my DD. I also really like the stance of a modestly lifted 100. I am looking to replace my shocks with OEM from Toyota, put a spacer in the...
  5. T

    For Sale 10mm Wheel Spacers - 100 Series

    New in box, never mounted, Motorsport Tech wheel spacers for 100 series front hubs. 10mm thick 5x150 bolt pattern in ALUMINUM. Commonly used to allow fitment of rock warrior or similar aftermarket wheels. I bought for this reason, but have since sold the wheels. I paid $95 with shipping and...
  6. Y

    3rd gen 4runner coil spacer on front of 80 series

    so talking with my dad about cheap lift options for our land cruiser and researching coil spacers and that.. coming from Toyota 4 runners... We knew that you could lift the back of the 3rd gen 4 runner by using front coil springs out of aLC.... So decided to see if the cheap 2" coil spacer that...
  7. FloydtheDog

    Wheel Spacers for '95 80 & Late Model 4Runner/FJC Wheels

    I have a 1995 80 series. I purchased a set of the late model 4Runner Trail / FJ Cruiser 8 hole 17x7.5 wheels because I like the look and additional tire options that the 17" size affords. I currently have the wheels mounted directly on the rig without the center caps and I'm scheduled to get...
  8. c2dfj45

    Wanted 4 speed transfer PTO gear or spacer needed....

    Converting from a 3 speed to a 4 speed trans...keeping my 3 speed transfer...need the PTO spacer or gear for the 4 speed trans. Not running a PTO on this truck so spacer is fine.
  9. turns earned

    Strut spacer install: tools needed, q’s

    Planning to install OEM strut spacers this weekend and had a couple questions on the front strut removal and reinstall. Searched and read a bunch of super helpful threads and apologize in advance if any of these are duplicative but had a few outstanding questions: Sockets/wrenches: I have...
  10. Fj moneypit

    Wanted Looking for ARB 3500050 Winch Spacer for Bull Bar

    Looking for part ARB 3500050 Winch spacer for Bull Bar bumper. Let me know if you have. Thanks
  11. 4Cruisers

    SOLD Steering Shaft Spacer (for Body Lift?) NM Price Reduction

    Steering shaft spacer for Land Cruisers (and pickups/4-Runners?) $20 $15 shipped. I don't recall exactly where this came from. The spacer is 1" thick and the diameter of the stud/hole pattern is 2-1/2". SOLD
  12. SoCal6084

    Install a Spacer to prevent lean?

    Hi all, would anyone recommend installing a spacer to boost up the driver side lean on my 60? I don't have the money now to buy new springs and don't know what kind of lift it has on there. Any thoughts?
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