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  1. SerbCruiser

    Help manually recline-incline driver seat - stuck

    Yes, I've researched. Seems like people have had issues moving seats forward/backwards. However, my recline is DEAD! Its not the knob (custom screw already tapped) as I tore apart another extra seat I had and plugged in the panel and it also wouldn't recline, but it would adjust lumbar and...
  2. bubfuji

    FJ80, FZJ80, LX450, LX470 Front seat sagging (loose) netting pocket repair

    Simple FZJ80 seat back pocket repair: Like most Cruiser heads, I try to keep my 97’ FZJ80 running and looking good. Recently, I decided to tackle the sagging front seat back netting or pocket. The elastic cord that gives the netting its shape had seen better days. With my rig, it was kids and...
  3. johnboy60

    Wanted  some parts for fj28/45

    I`m looking for parts for FJ28 / 45LV for example door handles inside and outside, rear bench seat with bracket, parking light, switch for light, windscreen wiper and heater, ignition lock, windscreen wiper linkage, elephant horn, T-bird emblem.
  4. Dim130

    For Sale  Full rear interior (incl seats) for 80-series - grey - great condition - 650USD

    For sale: rear and 3rd row of seats + seat belts + fixing gear + carpets for a grey Toyota Land Cruiser 80 series. Overview: - rear row (2 parts): 250 USD - 3rd row (2 parts, fold on the side): 250 USD - seat belt rear row: 100 USD - seat belt 3rd row: 100 USD - entire rear floor carpet + foot...
  5. Dan Higgins

    Molle Seat Back Panel for LC Seats?

    I have seen pictures of Molle or whatever you call them (velcro strips) panels for the back of the front seats of a Jeep. With the velcro strips you can mount pouches, etc. I would likely use it to mount a larger bag for guidebooks, a map case, sunglasses/glasses holder, and a few other odds...
  6. doug720

    New Stock Seat Back Foam?

    Maybe I'm wrong, but didn't SOR sell new seat bottoms and seat back foams? I looked for new foam backs today and they only have the bottoms listed. I swapped out the bottoms several years ago, and thought about doing the drivers back, but they are not listed. I'm going to call SOR and ask on...
  7. cruiserkreutz

    Seat Back Rubber Bumper

    Anyone have a source for these little buggers?
  8. Flatlanderfj40

    For Sale  '74 seat back (KS)

    $40 shipped lower 48. Won't be able to ship till after 2/9.
  9. B

    can you replace the lx470 seat back pocket with a 100 series net?

    i know there has been a previous post inquiring about doing the opposite and replacing the net with a LX pocket. I have a lx and like the look of the net. Do you guys like the net or are the pocket truly better? Both of mine are coming apart at the bottom.
  10. LittleRedWgon

    Wanted---FJ62 Seat back Parts

    Anyone have a FJ62 seat back that is trashed and want to sell? (Front or Rear) I am looking for the headrest mounts that I can cut out and weld into my existing rear seat back to give a 3rd Head rest....long story..many kiddos Or, can you point me to someone who might have some for sale....or a...
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