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  1. shaezoe

    For Sale San Diego. 1989 fj62 Land Cruiser for sale.

    Selling my 1989 Fj62 Land Cruiser I have owned it for about four years and have absolutely loved it. New catalytic converters Rebuilt transmission Rebuilt engine (inline 6 3fe) New brakes front and rear (rotor/calipers/bearings) Recent paint job (5k) New tires. Bf Goodrich 32” KO2s Old man...
  2. perrobravo

    SOLD San Diego - Set of 5 OEM 18" wheels with 33" Cooper Discoverer S/T Maxx Tires

    Cleaning out the garage and selling a set of 5 OEM 18" wheels that came from my 2003 100 series. Wheels are in good used shape and balance perfectly. Tires are LT275/70R18 (33"), load range E, and have maybe 20k miles on them. 4 of the 5 are in great shape with plenty of life left in them...
  3. donuteater

    Boozen Christmas Party

    MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! Hope everyone is having a great week in these busy times. I just wanted to extend a formal invitation to everyone for the first Boozen Christmas Party. The event will have hosted tastings of wine and spirits. There is a large parking lot to line up...
  4. Tylerh84

    San Diego Rigs and Coffee

    Hey everyone, @custyota and I were thinking of setting up a rigs and coffee for everyone in the greater SD area. We have a place in mind in IB but would like to have it move every month or 2 to possibly try different coffee spots. Let me know what everyone thinks!
  5. perrobravo

    For Sale San Diego Random Parts for Beer/Cash

    Doing a bit of spring cleaning and have a random collection of parts I'm hoping to find good homes for. I'd prefer not to ship (mostly out of laziness) so am hoping for a local San Diego sale/trade for qualified local beers*. Item 1: 80 series OEM bumper fog light grill inserts, $5 or beer...
  6. Cosman

    For Sale Relations Race Wheels RR2 17x8.5 NIB set of 5 San Diego, CA

    Decided to go a different route on wheels, so I've decided to let these go. Brand new, unmounted. Set of 5 in the Bronze color. From their website : Offset: 0 - Center Bore: 108.1 mm - Bolt Pattern: 6x5.5 / 6x139.7 - Backspacing: 4.75" Engineered with a Heavy Duty Load Rating of 2100 lbs to...
  7. Pescador74

    Wanted LX470 lower tailgate

    Looking for a lower tailgate, undamaged preferably. Im in SoCal 91935. I will travel in area to pick up or will pay for shipping. Smokey Topaz Mica paint would be amazing!
  8. fuzzywuzzy

    SOLD //SEAT PURCHASED - Second Row Seat for FJ80 - SoCal/San Diego

    Prefer San Diego but can do Orange County for right price/quality. Color is not an issue but prefer cloth over leather.
  9. shanester

    SoCal 60's!

    Hey guys! Visiting from the 100 series forum with a special request. I own a video production company here in San Diego and I have a shoot on Monday and Tuesday of next week (15th and 16th). I need to rent your 60 for ONE of those days! My brother once had a 60 which I loved, then he bought...
  10. Rasalghul1

    For Sale FJ40 parts for sale in San Diego

    hey everyone I've just got my hands on a good amount of FJ40 parts. Years (67-75) I'm in San Diego so if you are too it's a great deal. I'm going to put prices but I can work with anyone. just wanna move em out of the way. Contact me @: six one nine/seven seven seven/ nine one four eight...
  11. LandCruiserPhil

    MUDShip Hanford, Ca 93230 to San Diego Ca *fender flares*

    Have a set of 80 series fender flare. Looking for a Mudship from Hanford, Ca 93230 to San Diego Ca.
  12. bajaphile

    For Sale 1996 FZJ80 - 161,000 miles - San Diego

    4/17/17 -- SOLD, THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST. Hey Everyone, Up for sale this time around is a really clean mildly built 1996 with low miles. The truck was stripped down, all holes are professionally welded, and then painted with a 2 stage genuine Toyota Quicksand color. (2016+ Tundras...
  13. perrobravo

    Year 5 with the 100

    This month marks another great year with the 100! Here is a quick list of the mods and maintenance stuff as well as 12 pictures from the last 12 months. As noted last year, the frequency and extent of modifications is slowing down, but the trips getting even more enjoyable! Link to last...
  14. saltycoconuts

    For Sale FJ80 Brush Guard San Diego

    Got two bull/brush guards. Will sell 125 a pop. Not too sure about those PIAA lights but will sell em for 25$. I bed lined the unknown brand after sanding some rust down a little, WAAG is in good condition, Id suggest a new mount plate but it holds
  15. saltycoconuts

    For Sale Fj80 running boards San Diego

    In pretty good condition, no significant rust, got all hardware. Will ship on owners dime but preferred local pickup. -$80.00
  16. western flyer

    San Diego Windshield Glass

    I have a cracked windshield and I am in search of new high-quality glass and a really great installer for my 80. Please post your recommendations for San Diego (best), Orange, or Los Angeles counties in CA. I already have an OEM windshield gasket per Onur. Cheers, Jon
  17. Z

    Rear Elocker actuator help in San Diego on a 97....

    If anybody has detailed pics please send them. If anybody has intimate knowledge on re-installing them please pm me. I have scoured and i'm screaming "OMAHA". I live in San Diego so if your close and willing ill be very grateful , and buy the beer and burritos. The trouble is re...
  18. Coastal Croozer

    For Sale 1999 Land Cruiser in San Diego $8,700.00 OBO

    Hello everyone, I am new to the site but have owned my LC for some time now and am looking to sell my UZJ100 with 228K miles as I just purchased an '08 200 Series that is coming this week. I absolutely love my 100 series and here is a link to the craigslist ad that i have for it in San Diego...
  19. 1973Guppie

    Pro Gear San Diego

    Differentials And Axles, Gear And Posi - Pro Gear - San Diego, Ca Just picked up my truck yesterday from these guys. Kraig the owner was excellent to deal with and they had very fair pricing. I had them install a tc crawler gear set and 4.88's in my axles. So far all is good and they have a...
  20. PhillipPinot

    Hello from San Diego! - 2013 200 series “Marshmallow”

    Looooooong time lurker here! My wife and I finally bit the bullet and purchased a new (to us) 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser! We're extremely happy about our purchase knowing how well-built and reliable the truck is. Does anyone have any recommended shops in San Diego (particularly north county)...
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