rear springs

  1. JPTX

    SOLD  Denver, CO: OME 2860 / 860 Springs, lightly used

    OME 2860 Springs with approximately 10k miles on them, very little off-road use. I recently added a rear bumper with swingouts, 35" tire, hi-lift, etc, and it was too much weight for the 2860s to handle - swapped in some 2863s last week. Springs are in great shape and (obviously) have a ton of...
  2. BillyG2014LC200

    For Sale  (DELAWARE) IRONMAN Foam Cell Pro 200 Series rear coil springs - (2" Lift) Performance Load (0-660)

    I recently purchased a IRONMAN Foam Cell Pro 2" Lift kit for my 2014 Land Cruiser. The rear springs were designed for more of a constant load and actually lifted the rear of my truck 3" instead of the advertised 2" of lift. I will never install a heavy after market rear bumper or cargo boxes...
  3. JPTX

    SOLD  Eibach / Strutmasters Rear Coil Springs (80/100 series)

    2 Strutmasters/Eibach Rear Springs up for sale. These are sold as part of a kit to replace the AHC system on LX470s. Ride height was 1-2" higher than my friends stock '02 LC. Springs are in great shape and were only on the truck for 30k miles. Asking $125 OBO - willing to ship at buyer's expense.
  4. indycole

    For Sale  OME 2722 Rear Springs for 200 Series - SF Bay Area

    I moved up to 2724 OME springs after adding more (too much, heh) weight to the vehicle and thus am selling my 2722 springs. These springs were used for less than a year on my 200 series and I bought them new from Slee. I'm located in San Jose but would be okay with meeting anywhere in the...
  5. dr_dobro

    For Sale  Slee 80 series 4" rear springs (pair) NY

    SOF4RM, used SOLD !
  6. B

    When to replace rear springs

    I just replaced the globes on my 1998 LX470 and it made a world of difference. But now I am noticing a bit of a roll, seems a bit top heavy and has a weird feel like it rolls from the rear passenger to the front driver side, so now I am wondering if I should replace the rear springs as well (or...
  7. PabloCruise

    Rear Springs - how do 200 series springs compare to 100 series?

    I cannot find much information on 200 series rear spring rates. Wondering how the rear springs from a 200 compare to 100 series rear springs: Are they phyically a match? What are the spring rates? I believe stock 100 series rear spring rate is ~170 lbs/in. Thanks in advance for any help...
  8. indycole

    For Sale  OME 2722 Rear Springs SF Bay Area

    I'm swapping out my OME 2722 Springs for 2724 pretty soon. Anyone want the 2722s for $100? The 2722s were installed on my 200 Series one year ago.
  9. little_joe

    For Sale  4R/GX470 (120-Series) rear springs (UC, US)

    I had these springs custom made for my GX470 by Coil Spring Specialties in KS. We based them off a 2007 4Runner, V8, 4WD; then added 15% higher spring rate, 200 lbs additional load capacity, and 1.5" height. Net is, on a GX they ride quite nice and are a great way to dispose of the airbags, and...
  10. hoser

    For Sale  Old Man Emu rear springs 865/866 for 80/100 series

    Everything SOLD. Nearly new Old Man Emu (OME) rear springs for 100/80 series 866 rear springs. Zero miles. Only test fitted and removed. Fits 80 or 100 series. Typical application: 100 series, Heavy Load, 1.5" lift. Shipping weight 39 lbs. 865 rear springs. 200 miles. Test fitted and...
  11. TomasAllan

    Trade  OME 2722's for OME 2721's

    I have a set of rear OME 2722's that are New, put them on and took them off two days later (too high for my taste) Looking to trade for a set of 2721's. I am in Atlanta, GA. For Trade $0. (open to selling if I can't find a trade)
  12. FJP971

    FREE  FZJ80 Stock Rear Springs - Portland/Vancouver Area

    I have a pair of stock rear springs for free. Truck had 200k when I removed the springs. I will not ship but could meet up with someone in the general area.
  13. acflyguy18

    FZJ80 Rear Springs

    Hey, was trying to find which 4 Runner years the FZJ80 Rear springs can be used to lift a 4 Runner. Previously passed on my fronts to a guy for a lift on his 4 Runner and seem to remember the rears lift a different generation 4 Runner than the fronts springs. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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