1. webbz47

    3B Rotary Injection Pump leak

    My 87' BJ70 sits a lot since I only use it in the fall months. Recently I noticed some diesel leakage underneath the truck. The top of the IP looks dry but from underneath the truck I can see that there is a plate on the side of the IP that is covered. From what I've read on previous threads...
  2. DesertCruiser80

    Bad Fuel Pump or Something Else?

    Hey all, My 1992 FJ80 has been having some trouble starting. It takes a bit of time and when it does turn over, the rpm's are low (200's) until I give it some throttle. I've done the easy stuff (new battery, new plugs, cap and rotor, new fuel filter, new EGR modulator, and new air filter). I...
  3. S

    For Sale  AHC PARTS - Accumulators

    2000 Lexus LX470 condition: excellent Nothing at all wrong with these parts. Removed for install of OME lift kit. - 2 front accumulator globes - 2 rear accumulator globes - motor I also have the fluid reservoir/ pump that I will include. All work excellent, nothing wrong with them, I removed...
  4. M

    power steering issue by low RPM/ idling only

    Hi to all, I have noticed that sometimes it is hard to turn the steering wheel when idiling or low rpms. I have changed power steering fluid as it was gray, but this did not help. Has anyone experienced this kind of issue ? It is that the power steering does not genereate enough pressure by...
  5. sunrk

    Dial indicator suggestion for genuine Toyota 1hz 1hdt IP timing tool ?

    Managed to pick up a new genuine Toyota tool for setting injector pump timing on 1hz and 1hdt motors. Is there a specific type of dial indicator required to go with it or just any one that has the right thread and scaling? Thanks, craig.
  6. mrjordann

    Wanted  Anybody know where I can get an oil pump for a 1973 FJ40?

    I believe Aisin is OEM, am I correct? Anyways I can't find a new one anywhere on the internet. If you could point me to someone, I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  7. J

    Wanted  Smog pump hoses

    I’m trying to find replacements for the hoses coming off the smog pump including the one going to the air cleaner. It looks like they are no longer available from Toyota. They appear to be 7/8” and 1” hoses (I think). Has anyone had any luck finding correct application replacements? Thanks Jeff
  8. J

    Smog pump bracket

    Does anyone know the size of the smog pump bracket spacer? See circled spacer in picture below. This is located between the water pump and bracket on my 5/1977 FJ40. Thanks! Jeff
  9. 5

    For Sale  AHC parts

    Selling 1 height control motor and pump And 2 accumulator control globes . Make me an offer but I'm trying to get $300 for the globes and $400 for the pump .
  10. J

    FJ40 Smog Pump Differences

    Does anyone know the difference between a 1977 smog pump and a 1979 pump? Looking at the pictures it appears the casings are the same with the exception of the piece circled in red. I was wondering if a 1979 smog pump can be used in place of a 1977 without hindering or altering functionality...
  11. sunrk

    Rough / odd idle behaviour with old 1HZ motor

    1hz motor in my 80 has a really rough/odd idle behaviour where it feels like one injector randomly doesn't fire at random intervals. The injector pump and injectors were replaced about 6 yrs ago. Never been touched since. I could replace injectors with a full set of brand new ones myself but I'm...
  12. RFB

    Woodruff key Placement

    Ok Ive marked everything Ive read and re read everything Im pulling my sttering box and pump tomorrow to replace with remanned from rock auto, one question I cant figure out is where does the "woodruff key" go? the shaft on the pump is tapered and keyed already, so is this still needed? It...
  13. sunrk

    Dial gauge use for diesel injector pump timing and brake rotor run-out

    I don't have a dial-gauge or really know how to use one, but I can think of two jobs straight off the top of my head that use one - setting timing for an injector pump on a diesel motor, and checking brake rotor run-out. Can someone give some advice on what kind of dial gauge to use for each of...
  14. bkfj40

    For Sale  83 2f smog parts

    Just pulled this off an 83 2F that I’m putting in my fj45. The smog pump is free turning Includes air rail, egr, and all the stuff in the picture. $75 plus shipping. I’m in Virginia.
  15. FJ60Seth

    SOLD  FJ60 Windshield Washer Pump

    Removed from a 1983 US spec FJ60. Bottle was cracked. Washer pump is in excellent condition. The small nipple is well attached and not brittle. The rubber grommet is supple with no tears. The small filter screen is complete. I connected it to a 12v battery and it makes a lot of noise. The...
  16. JimmyMac

    Wanted  Windshield washer pump

    Looking for the top mounted pump to a 1970 FJ40 windshield washer bottle. I'm unsure of what year range fits, let me know what you got. THANKS!
  17. BigDeesFj40

    Saginaw power steering conversion pump

    Trying to find a good part number to replace my power steering pump. Its the standard chevy pump?
  18. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 Steering Cooler (fits under radiator/bumper) Pump also

    SoCal Not rusted or leaking or any issues of any sort. 2 available. $96.24 includes shipping. They are long and take up a large box. Local Pickup, save $45 on shipping. This is for Left hand drive steering with steering box on Driver Side. May not fit diesel models, not sure. PS pump in...
  19. MauricioR

    I got scammed, car now smoky - 1HDT (HDJ80

    Hi guys, I just had a bad experience and I hope someone can help me with this. I just took the car to a shop to adjust/repair the fuel pump for my HDJ80 (1HD-T) and had a very bad experience... I´ll start since the beginning, 1 year ago the car was burning eyes, too much diesel was being burn...
  20. Rubtsov

    1hd overflow screw fuel leakage

    Hey there, frequently scanning this website, i'm at first time posting here. i have a question about 1hd fuel pump leakage. there is a overflow screw under the diaphragm cover. The screw has a rubber cup with a short hose. it looks like some fuel may comes out from the hose occasionaly. in my...
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