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  1. chansdaman

    SOLD MD: 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado KZJ95

    Walk around video: 3.0 turbo diesel 1KZ-TE intercooled. Full time 4wd. 152k kms (94k miles) on the odometer (verified). Grade 3.5, 3 row seating. Auto transmission. Rear AC, aftermarket deck with usb. New battery from Japan. Has maintenance records. Timing belt was done at 103kms. Replaced...
  2. LJ78MacNeil

    Just got a KZJ90

    Hi All :) Thought I'd post here to ask some brief questions about the KZJ90. First off, I'd like to thank @JDM Journeys for selling me his beautiful rig. It will serve as my DD while I'm in Millwright school. Maybe afterwards I'll see about making it a little more "capable" off-road. But quite...
  3. X

    Prado 95 Automatic Transmission Issue

    Hi, recently, my Prado shifted in a strange manner and the check engine light came on. The code i got was P0758 which means shift solenoid valve B (S2) electrical problem. Does anybody know the part number for this solenoid valve? Is 35250-30070 the correct one? I have a 2001 Prado 95 3.0 D4D...
  4. sshirley

    For Sale 1996 Prado 1KZ-TE - Austin Texas

    Selling my Prado.
  5. Pradita

    LJ70 Overheating Mystery: What have we missed?

    This is my first post and I’m a first-time landcruiser owner (a life-long dream). Nice to e-meet you all. Our little LJ70 is super fun & smooth to drive off road, but it’s also giving us overheating nightmares. Bought in 2020 and we’ve spent a year playing cooling system detectives and the temp...
  6. spnk

    SOLD Toyota Land Cruiser 90 series Tilt Altimeter Gauge (83290-60160, 8329060160)

    Original 90 series (Prado / Colorado) tilt altimeter gauge. Fully working, but the wire misses the mother plug (the one that goes in to the father plug underneath the passenger airbag) - as seen on photos 4 and 5. Wire can be easily ordered and replaced, or even fixed with the correct plug. Part...
  7. The Lake Hero

    90 Series Prado, where the heck do I get parts lads!

    Picked up a 2000 Land Cruiser Prado J90 - VZJ95W and I want to get brake pads and rotors, thing is, I can't find a good enough spot to get parts at the best price. USDM doesn't have this model but the UK and AU do, wondering where I can find the best parts, decent price and are able to ship to...
  8. J

    Electrical proplems

    I've got a 4 cylinder, 3rzfe motor , 90 series and I diagnosed it as a fuel proplem cause it only starts with starting fluid then cuts off, there is good fuel pressure at the fuel rail. I used the test light on the injectors and both wire has power, while ignition is in the on position, ( I'm...
  9. J

    Need help!

    Hi, does anyone know where can I find the fuel pump relay on a 1998 gx prado, I've searched the internet and can't really find a reliable source 😱 Need help!! Thanks in advance
  10. Workhorse

    For Sale 1995-2002 Hilux/Prado Air Filters-Price update!

    I have qty. 2 1995-2002 Hilux or Prado (1KZ-TE) air filters for sale. Brand new, never used. I am selling these due to no longer having a vehicle they fit. I am not sure of other models these might fit, so do your research if you think they might. These are available for about $40/each without...
  11. saw

    Repaint my Dick Cepek DC2, which color should I chose?

    Hi! I`ve got a set of Dick Cepek DC2 on my DD (Prado 90) that I`m gonna repaint, black or grey? Cant decide... Is there anybody here who has done this willing to share pics? Thanks in advance!
  12. saw

    Neopren seat cover, Aus. made, any experiences?

    Hi everybody! I`m quite new to this excellent forum and hoping for some advice. I`ve got a LJ73 and have installed Prado 90 (short 3-door) series seats, front and back, looking for seat cover, something that looks and feels like OE. Came across these on ebay: seat cover prado 90 neopren | eBay...
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