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  1. Strand4x4

    For Sale 80 Series Passenger Side Mirror Rh

    Seems like it is in nice condition. Has the chrome cover but you can replace that with your color if you have one. Other parts are sold. However, I do have a very nice set of 3rd Row Gray Seats for 100 Series in Florida and 100 Series Stock Wheels 2002 1996 FZJ 80 Oak Parts by Strand4x4...
  2. K

    Passenger side front wheel had some "play".

    I went to get my truck inspected today (state of VA) and the inspection station rejected my vehicle because the passenger side front wheel had some "play". Sounds like wheel bearings? How can I remedy this? Thank you. 96 Landcruiser
  3. stlbill

    Wanted 1994 FJ80 Passenger side front bumper corner piece

    I just need the corner piece for the front bumper of a 94. I bough some 95s and they do not fit te 94. Just need the passenger side. Thanks.
  4. ginmtb

    Wanted FJ40 piece of passenger side rear top

    Total long shot but figure it couldn't hurt to ask - anyone have a top rear panel that is in bad shape other than the piece identified below? I'm going to try and repair but it is a pretty intricate piece with multiple curves. I drilled out the spot welds and cut at the pillar to remove. I...
  5. WillGentry

    Wanted Passenger side fender FZJ80

    Looking for a green fender, no flare needed. I'm also planning on running a snorkel so mounting holes may be ok. Message me if you have anything and would be willing to ship to Oklahoma.
  6. ElJayBird

    Need to find rear passenger side fender flare

    What's the best place to source a rear passenger side fender flare and mounting hardware for an LX450? I've tried contacting a couple people who are parting out but haven't had any luck so far.
  7. mr jits

    Wanted 80 Series Passenger Side Headlight Assembly

    I need the passenger side assembly, not in need of the corner lamp housing.
  8. Mike357

    Wanted FJ80 Birfield 91-92 Passenger Side

    What the title says. Will buy either just a birfield with the lock ring or the entire assembly w/ axle shaft (will pay fair shipping). Just to be clear, I need the passenger side, non-ABS birfield. Thanks!
  9. cruiserkreutz

    IH8WIRING: Passenger Side High Beam No Worky

    I have no power at the red/yellow stripe wire at the head light connection (highbeam I believe) on the passenger (right) side. I've traced the wire into the harness that is, I believe, still factory taped. From there I get lost... According to this wiring diagram, it connects with the red/yellow...
  10. surf40

    For Sale Fj60 Snake Blinder passenger side

    Passenger side with end caps and some mounting clips. One small ding and some road grime. Still looks good. $60 + shipping. Located in Orange County CA. Can meet within reasonable distance.
  11. stoshzack

    Wanted FJ60 Passenger side inner fender

    Hi All - Looking for a FJ60 passenger side inner fender in good or better condition. Shipping will be to Raleigh, NC at the local Fed Ex store. Please pm me if you have one you would like to sell. Thanls
  12. richxd87

    Wanted LX450 front corner/marker light (Passenger side), TX

    Looking for one passenger side corner light from a LX450 (clear with amber insert). Not looking for all amber corner lights. located in Houston, TX Richard
  13. Strand4x4

    For Sale FZJ80 Passenger Side Mirror Gray

    I have a FZJ80 Passenger Side Mirror in Good Working Condition. The paint is gray but very faded. It has a few scratches. The mirror seems solid, but I have not installed it to confirm that it does not shake. However, it feels good and stiff. Also, included is the small interior Triangle Trim. I...
  14. Strand4x4

    For Sale OEM Floor Mat Set for 80 Series New - Never Used

    For Sale a 4 Piece Set Land Cruiser Floor Mat Set. Both fronts, 2nd Row and 3rd Row Mat. Color is Gray/Grey. These mats are not available anywhere. This is for the serious restorer. I want $700 for the set and $25 for shipping. I hate to sell them, but my Land Cruiser has and Oak Interior and...
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