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    Frosty Morning. Me giving up my jacket and gloves so my girlfriend would be smiling at the camera.
  2. Coxxy

    Builds  Refurbishing a 1985 HJ75 Trakka Bushman

    Well, I have owned this 1985 HJ75 for just about a year and have started the process of building it into a functional, durable, and liveable vehicle. Before dropping the cash on the build-out, I wanted a thorough understanding of the vehicle dynamics and my interaction with it, thus, the...
  3. FerzLC

    SOLD  2018 OFF ROAD Teardrop Oregon TrailR Terra Drop $24KOBO

    Our beloved off-road teardrop trailer is for sale because our family has outgrown it. This Oregon Trail’R (Terradrop) was purchased in September 2018 from Jon (jon@oregontrailer.net )and Sawyer Christiansen at Oregon Trail’R in Eugene, Oregon. If you didn’t check the link above, these...
  4. massey66fj

    Wanted  Oregon FJ40 OEM roll bar

    I’m looking for a factory fj40 roll bar in or near Oregon. I have a local company that makes a weld up reproduction but would really like the real thing. Thanks for the help Sean
  5. 74fj40Oregon

    For Sale  1974 F motor, Medford Oregon 97501

    I pulled this 1974 F motor to replace with a 2F. Not sure if motor runs I bought the vehicle with plans of outing 2F instead. Motor does turn freely and comes with hooker headers radiator alternator distributor. 350.00 medford Oregon 97501
  6. B

    Wanted  1997 LX450/Land Cruiser in Oregon

    Hello, I'm looking for a LX450 or Land Cruiser that is functioning and in good condition under 6.5k. Thanks.
  7. Willis

    Builds  Troopy Trial No. 2

    After building and enjoying my first Troopy for the past two years, it was time to start another. I loved the ol 12HT/pop-top truck right down to the rusty fading paint but all at once I had about 4 people want to buy it so I decided to sell and start another. Coincidentally Lukas...
  8. Zypher

    For Sale  1996 FZJ80 - 196k - 3 Locked - Oregon

    All info is in this Craigslist ad except I forgot to add that it has a new battery as well. Give me an offer, I had no idea what to price this thing at and my mechanic said list it at 15k. Would way rather sell it to one of you fools and my phone number is in the ad if you have any questions...
  9. CloudCity

    Wanted  FOUND, thank you! (Seeking 04-07 LC or LX in Oregon, Washington)

    Hi guys and gals. I’ve been looking for a 100-series LC or LX 470 in the Portland, OR area but have been disappointed with what turns up on Craigslist and dealer lots (all have either non-disclosed accident history, are rusted east coast cars, or bought to flip with no service records). Would...
  10. PNWFJ80

    SOLD  Oregon

    deleted - sold
  11. Octave Zangs

    SOLD  1988 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 - Only 116k Miles (OR)

    UPDATE: Indeed as @Mookies suggested my truck's odometer seems to have been rollbacked at some point in the 90's. I wish I had checked Carfax earlier but as I truly like this community I want to be as honest as possible. So now I can just say that the mileage is unknown but the truck feels like...
  12. Octave Zangs

    Wanted  Landcruiser FJ62 - Clean body, broken transmission/engine is ok

    UPDATED: Hi, I'm looking for a stock FJ62 in the 200k miles range or less, no rust, close to Portland, OR is a plus, but can ship it if needed. The least modifications the better. No or broken engine/transmission is fine as I currently have a FJ62 on hand with new transmission and good engine...
  13. J

    For Sale  1985 FJ60 - 2nd Owner - 167k Miles - Central Oregon

    **SOLD** The time has come to say goodbye to my beloved FJ60. I am the second owner and this has been our family camping/adventure vehicle and my light use daily driver for the past 16 years. The history of this FJ60: After a multi-month search to replace my previous ’85 FJ60 that was...
  14. tschuszl

    Oregon/California Coast Road Trip

    Hey Guys, For Thanksgiving I am planning to take the FJ62 down the Oregon coast and into a bit of N California (obviously avoiding the wildfires). I am planning on camping most nights. Anybody have any must-see spots, good campsites, trails, etc...?
  15. Willis

    Builds  A Trakka Troopy Revival

    I've been dreaming far too long about getting a 70 series. I finally decided to stop wishing and sold all my projects I didn't truly love for one that I really did. After @6070toyetero texted me(by accident he claims) about a Trakka converted Troopy he had found, I made moves to sell my FJ62...
  16. lechnito

    Portland Metro Classifieds

    Post here if you have something for sale, for trade, or are looking to buy something!
  17. jamister1

    For Sale  65 fj45 medford Oregon

    I stumbled across this fj45 this weekend and thought I could help the guy sell it. His health is ailing and he's been given less than a year to live so he's getting rid of some of his assets to help out is wife. The truck is a 65 all original no rust short bed hardtop. The thing is excellent...
  18. M

    For Sale  2001 LX470 Central Oregon

    Sold Pending Funds, will update the ad after the deal closes. This car recently came to central Oregon after about 14 years in Texas and Arizona, it's very clean underneath and has no rust, the body is in great shape with only a few minor paint chips and a few parking lot scuffs on the bumper...
  19. lgrt

    Steens Overland Adventure - SE Oregon

    If are looking to get away from it all and explore an area that can truly claim to still be wild, give the Steens Mount area a try. These videos didn't come close to capturing how amazing this corner of SE Oregon is... A week alone traveling the tails and back road of the area and still didn't...
  20. Cruisertown

    For Sale  Triple locked 97 FZJ80 in Oregon, 179k

    This is killing me, but I am going to put my 80 up for sale and look for a pickup. Located in Bend, Oregon. I'm looking for $12,500. Here are the details, please ask if you have any questions: - 1997 with factory front, rear and center diff lockers - 179,410 miles - Extensive service records...
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