oil leak

  1. L

    Rear main leak or something else

    Was under my 06 LX470 the other day and noticed that there some oil that appeared to be seeping out right were the engine and bell housing meet on the bottom. Nothing dripping and I have not ever noticed a puddle of oil on the ground where I park, but I checked the oil level and sure enough it...
  2. D

    12H-T oil leak at sandwhich plate

    Hi all, I have a 12H-T motor that has developed a significant oil leak where the timing plate butts up to the front of the engine block. I’ve looked in the workshop manual to understand the disassemble process. Can anyone please suggest the steps to removing the timing gears and timing case?. Do...
  3. wretchedfred

    oil leak power steering?

    Hello, 2003 LC. I think I have a power steering oil leak. But the threads here seemed vague (probably just can't find the right one). Issue: Quite a bit of oil on the ground for the last few days. Reddish brown. Drivers side directly under the frame just in front of the axle. Leak is not...
  4. wifes80

    Oil leak from where?

    Just picked up a 91 land cruiser for my wife this weekend. It had 199,xxx miles. Super clean, inside and out, paid $5,000. The seller was super honest and super cool, probably the best Craigslist in my whole life. He mentioned that there's a little oil leak, which I've been told most do...
  5. Captdone

    Oil explosion in engine compartment...What the H&@¥!

    Driving down the highway in my DD, a 94 FZJ80 (rebuilt engine 3 years ago) when my oil pressure suddenly drops and the oil light comes on. I get off the next exit and pull into a gas station. When I open the hood, oil is everywhere and looking under the engine I can't pinpoint the source because...
  6. RFB

    Oil leak or Power steering pump

    I pulled my rock plate and have this one leak took some pics that will hopefully look familair to some of you . is this my power steering pump leaking or the oring on front of engine? Its got cold here in north east and this truck has never seen the cold. on start up the PS whines till shes...
  7. J

    1HD-T - lots of oil from rocker cover breather

    [Cross posting from 80 series tech forum on inkpot's suggestion] Hi all, My 4.2L 1HD-T 80 series is experiencing some serious oil usage. I've narrowed it down to the rocker cover breather outlet; temporary catch can collected 250-300mL of oil on a ~50km test run. There is some variability...
  8. Tighe

    Question about potential oil leak at front of engine- 1984 FJ60.

    Howdy, A few weeks ago I picked up my truck from Jim Dickey's repair shop, and it's running great. There were no apparent oil leaks when I dropped it off, and none when I picked it up. I know because around this time I had been inspecting it for anything wrong. Fast forward a few weeks; I'm...
  9. Katsarata

    Oil Leak

    Hi Guys I have a drop of oil at the junction between box and bell housing any thoughts ?
  10. EWiz

    1993 FZJ80 Noob questions

    1993 FZJ80 283k miles Got a couple questions after studying up here in the FAQ section for the last few weeks. After doing a good clean on the engine bay I confirmed my oil pump seal is leaking and possibly the front main seal. However there's this plug thing which might be a crank position...
  11. rking

    Oil leak found

    Need help figuring out this leak. Back side of the engine.... how big of an issue is this?
  12. rideglobally

    question about oil leak on 12ht

    my 12ht leaks oil around the oil pump and somewhere behind the turbo, (i don't think it is the turbo). not sure if the rear main bearing seal is leaking. when my engine got rebuilt about 30K ago i placed a sleeve over the crankshaft where the rear main seal ride because of a groove there created...
  13. cwmoser

    OIL LEAK - Transfer Case ???

    I've just noticed a small puddle of oil under my 2002 LX470. Looks like the leak is at the Drain Plug on the Transfer Case. I assume this is the Transfer Case? See photo. In the photo have I identified the fill plug? What oil do I need? I assume I just open the fill plug and pump in some more...
  14. P

    Compression Issues

    My new-to-me 85 FJ 60/192K was brought into the shop and the mechanic is telling me compression ranges from low 80's to 110 and is recommending a engine rebuild vs seal replacement. I'm trying to educate myself so not to get taken. I plan on getting a second opinion but questions should I be...
  15. C

    Oil loss when use on highway - 1998 205K engine rebuild at 190K

    I bought my 100 series 9 months ago shortly after the engine rebuild (both lower and upper gaskets replaced), she runs great and is a daily driver. The issue I need help with is identifying the oil leak I get when we drive her on a highway coming back up the mountain after visiting family. The...
  16. MyToy72

    Leaking Oil Pan Fix

    So I have been chasing an oil pan leak since I got my rig on the road over a year ago and it was making me nuts. Finally got tired of it and pulled the pan, but how to find the leak? I got the bright idea to pull it, clean it up and then fill it with water. I then put the compressor to the...
  17. Bambusiero

    A Low Cost 300 ft-lb Torque Wrench - DIY Shop-Built

    Here is a low cost 300 ft-lb DIY shop-built torque wrench - to handle re-installation of that big 30mm 304 ft-lb harmonic balancer - crankshaft bolt. This is needed when you replace the front main seal and / or the oil pump cover plate o-ring, which are common oil leaks at the front of the...
  18. SmokingRocks

    Is the Mall Crawlers HG in danger?

    Edit----I'm an idiot who didn't even think about the Valve Cover gasket until after I posted. The VC gasket is most definitely toast. Sorry. Move along---- So I just finished replacing the O2 Sensors on my pretty stock 93 FZJ80 (230,000mi) and I did my typical under truck inspection. I...
  19. furryapples

    First time 80 series woes

    Whats up mud! Been on here for a long time mining land cruiser information. I finally bit the bullet and bought a 94 FZJ80 locally. It was in pretty rough condition cosmetically but the body was straight, it had factory lockers, and I could get the engine to run. $2500 and new battery later and...
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