lug nuts

  1. tylerp

    New Wheel Help

    Hi guys, I just picked up a set of American Racing Baja wheels and tires for my 05 Gx. They came off of a Nissan Xterra, which has the same bolt pattern as my Gx (6X139.7). However, I believe that the threads on the wheel lugs are different between the two cars, and that I will need to get 24...
  2. DasKeyserSoze

    For Sale  Stock 2018 Lugs Set

    All 20 lugs in Like New condition. $100 - local in SD; just add shipping if you want me to send them to you.
  3. offr0adlim0

    For Sale  PTR27-60110 TRD Wheel Install Kit NEW

    SOLD. For sale PTR27-60110 TRD OEM lugnuts. Brand new set. Includes 16 spline drive lugnuts, 4 locks with TRD etched in them, 1 spline drive tool and one key in frustration free packaging. $135 shipped
  4. Q

    Fj factory steel wheel lug nuts

    Anyone know the part number for oem lug nuts or black aftermarket that work with factory oem fj steelies?
  5. ga12r1

    Lug nuts for TRD Rock Warriors

    I'm getting ready to order lug nuts for my Rock Warriors. I don't really want to drop the coin on the TRD lugs. Found these on amazon, does anyone know if they are what I need? Gorilla Automotive 26143HT Small Diameter Duplex Acorn Chrome 5 Lug Kit (14mm x 1.50 Thread Size) - Pack...
  6. D

    For Sale  St. Louis, MO: 16" OEM wheels (4), with caps & lug nuts

    4 OEM 16 inch wheels from a 2001 Toyota Land Cruiser. Not perfect, but good for an extra set, and/or refinish Includes 4 center caps and 20 lug nuts. Located in St. Louis, MO Will ship at buyers expense, but I need to get some boxes before I can provide accurate shipping costs Will accept...
  7. M

    For Sale  16" OEM wheels, set of 4, includes caps & lug nuts

    4 OEM Factory 16 inch wheels off a 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser. Includes Michelin LTX M/s tires 275/70R16 of which two are decent and other two are no good. Also included are 4 hub caps and 21 lug nuts. Located in NOVA/DC/MD area. Cash only. No Shipping. Asking $500 for everything
  8. SpamEggsandRice

    Wanted  4 Lug nuts for 80 Series w/ aluminum Wheels

    I'm looking to purchase 4 lug nuts for my 97 LX450. If you have some, let me know.
  9. clownmidget

    For Sale  SOLD SOLD

  10. elkaholic

    Public Service Message - Check Your Nuts!

    At the risk of having the PO panic, I am posting this ... I was installing 1 1/4" spacers on the rear of my BJ74 today to match the spacers that are on the front of the truck. Install was going smoothly ... I was on the first spacer and had the tire back on with the lug nuts finger tight. I...
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