1. S

    Questions for those towing travel trailers with 2016+ LX570

    Hi folks, a few weeks ago got the 2021 LX570 and sold my 2000 LC. A few newbie (to towing) questions for those that tow travel trailers (TTs) with the 2016+ LX570: When renting a trailer is it better to have your WD hitch? We'd like to rent a few times before we consider a trailer purchase...
  2. LonghornMudder

    SOLD  Austin TX: Trailer hitch $100

    OEM trailer hitch I just added an aftermarket rear bumper to my '06 LX470 and removed the OEM towing hitch. I suspect the mounting points will be similar for a LandCruiser, but it also includes a beefy, protective bracket that surrounded the factory exhaust pipe - which may not line up with...
  3. AussieInExile

    Really dumb question about hitch cover

    First off, these forum's were an immense help in my purchasing decision, managed to get an extremely low milage, well taken care of, "Black on Black" LX570 2011. Love the way the thing drives and looks. Ofcourse I plan to tow some stuff. DUMB QUESTION INCOMING: How do you get the hitch cover...
  4. LostAfrican

    extendable hitch / tongue

    I am working on some trailer modifications and am wondering about the merits of extending the tongue. I plan to extend the tongue enough to add storage for my fridge and a water tank - its a 416 like trailer. I'd like to make the tongue length adjustable so that I can set it long enough so that...
  5. Lillopad

    For Sale  FJ40 Hitch (CCOT) ** SOLD **

    Purchased for a project and never used it. Brand new, with hardware still in the bag. I will ship anywhere in the lower 48 on my dime. $90. Thanks Kevin
  6. CV Kurt

    FS: Used OEM Hitch for FJC

    Fits 2007-2014 FJ Cruiser. Best hitch for stock bumper, 5K rated, great departure angle. Hardware in good shape. Even if you don't have a trailer, great for providing a rear recover point via D-Ring receiver. Comes with black bumper trim piece. A used version of...
  7. MuseChaser

    New-to-me 2005 LX470

    Just joined the forum after lurking for a few weeks while searching for a cross-country camping vehicle for my recently retired wife and I. We'd settled the possibilities down to 4Runner/GX470 or Tacoma, an FJ Cruiser if we could find one in our budget, or sort of dreamed about a 100 Land...
  8. Papalud

    For Sale  2" tow hitch for fj60/fj62

    Selling my tow hitch off my FJ62. Great condition. $125 Located in Mississippi 39157
  9. D

    SOLD  80-series OEM tow hitch SoCal

    $60. Won't ship. I'll be driving from San Diego to San Bernardino soon, so I can arrange for drop off at different locations.
  10. madvr6

    For Sale  FJ60/62 trailer hitch Houston/Dallas

    I have a trailer hitch off a 1990 FJ62 for sale. The hitch is in Houston, but I am leaving for Dallas/Lewisville the morning of 1/13 and can bring it with me if someone up there is interested. I just need to know before we leave early AM tomorrow. it has a 2inch receiver and a very heavy duty...
  11. S

    For Sale  80 series hitch receiver $60

    Used 80 series bolt on hitch receiver, works great. From the bay area so local pick-ups would be easier
  12. bushdoctor

    Tow hitch recommendation

    I'm looking to start towing - Trailers across the board. Not sure what's the best type of hitch out there. Want something that will allow RV towing, mid-size off-road trailers and simple home-depot type trailers. Your advice would be appreciated. - I have about a 2.5 inch lift on my '98...
  13. Hilndr1701

    For Sale  Hitch Mounted Swingout Spare Tire Carrier

    $500.00 OBO. Custom heavy duty swingout hitch mounted spare tire carrier. Works great without any wobble or play. Based on the Wilco design, works with 2" hitch. Great for the weekend warrior. This is not an official Wilco but a custom made item based on their design made with thicker steel. It...
  14. incudie

    OEM Tow Hitch - PITA

    WTF Bolt?! by incudie posted May 29, 2017 at 6:59 PM[/GALLERY]Hmmm hoping someone here knows something that I don't. I have a 99 LX470 that I'm trying to remove the stock bumper and tow hitch. I've got all the bolts out except these last two (one on each end). No matter how much I "unscrew"...
  15. P

    Wanted  80 series trailer hitch plus wiring

    I have a 95' looking for a class 3 receiver to tow a pop - up camper (2,000 lbs). I'm located in Delaware 19720, but am willing to pick up if in the tri - state area. Thank you!
  16. P

    What type of Trailer hitch / Wiring kit for 1995 LC?

    Hello all, I am planning a couple of trips this summer. I will be trailing a 2k lb pop - up about 50 miles each trip. Does anyone have suggestions as to what brand of hitch and wiring harness that is the easiest to install and not too expensive? I would like to get a class III something like...
  17. savirc

    For Sale  100 Series tow hitch reese

    For sale 100 series Reese hitch. No rust cover included. Prefer to sale local to Houston, TX to heavy to ship. 60 bucks

    Curt Trailer Hitch

    I just installed a Curt 13089. Seems pretty nice. I took some pictures of the clearance. It sticks out about 5" from the bumper. It has about 2.25" clearance from the spare tire. Tire is a 265/75 R16. I did have some issues with fitment. The spacers they give you are a little too long and...
  19. R

    Wanted  Series 100 Hitch

    If anyone has one lying around i'm interested. Local to Ventura, CA preferred or if willing to ship.
  20. SoCal_80

    For Sale  100 Series OEM Tow Hitch

    Just pulled the hitch off as I installed a Slee bumper. Pulled off of a 2006. $40 local pickup in Long Beach, CA (90808)
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