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  1. Justbuckstuff

    Passenger Side Heating Not Working

    Longtime lurker but first post: My passenger side heating doesn't work but my drivers side works great. -Replaced the thermostat and radiator last fall. -Timing belt and water pump this year -Radiator topped off recently -Engine temp is stable -Had issue with condenser fan not working so only...
  2. eikelben

    Rear auxiliary heat blows hot; dash vents only just warm

    The temperature has been dropping around here and it's my first winter with the Land Cruiser. I had always enjoyed the blazing heat that my 2003 Tacoma produced and from what I've read, the FZJ80s produce the same sort of temps when functioning correctly. Mine, however, does not. I adjusted...
  3. N

    Wanted  Front heater core - 1971 FJ40

    Looking for a heater core in good condition for a 1971 FJ40. Can be the entire assembly or just the core- thanks!
  4. K

    1995 1FZ-FE No Heat? RHD UK

    Hi, My LC is a 1995 RHD VX Model 4.5 Petrol. I have been struggling working out why my land cruiser does not have any heat, not even luke warm. The car came into my ownership January 2018 and since has had no heat at all, its as if cold AC is set to on all the time. The front water valve...
  5. F

    Heater core pipe solder question.

    When soldering the brass pipes to the heater core as many suggest to do, do you leave a gap between the two flanges for the solder to get in or do you put the pipe flanges (of the heater core pipe to the brass pipe) as close together as possible (touching)? While not a professional plumber, I...
  6. Lalalx470

    99 LX470 heater core leaking, what else should I worry about?

    Hey all, Just joined the club and bought a 99 LX470 with ~265k on it. Well, the heater core immediately started to leak. Pretty good amount of coolant in the passenger footwell... So yeah, it's at the shop, waiting to have the dash torn apart to get at that mother... So, what else should I be...
  7. Arabian Cruiser

    Fzj80 Front Heater Core Delete

    hi guys, have been searching this topic for a couple of days now and I'm either using the wrong terminology or there is no write up on it but I need some help. Heater hoses have started to leak and deteriorate and its time to change them. Living in the middle east don't really need the heater...
  8. P

    80 series ac/heat trouble

    Hey guys, This is my first thread so here it goes. I bought a 1997 FZJ80 land cruiser a little over two years ago, and it was totaled when i found it and hadn't moved in 6 years. I've got it back to stock and more to where it's becoming an expedition vehicle now. One thing that hasn't worked...
  9. gregnash

    60 Front Heater Core Clean-up

    Ok so figured there were a few threads out there about replacing the heater core and the amount of disassembly it takes to get to the bastard thing. However, there is nothing about steps going to there or thought process (what to do first) when one is experiencing issues. Some of you may know...
  10. ridgeback rig

    Wanted  Source for 93 front heater core?

    I'm looking for a source for a front heater core for my 93. So far all I've found is a used one on eBay.
  11. incudie

    No Heat - Not overheating

    So I recently did the heater Ts, timing belt, water pump, thermostat, etc. Everything has been working great since then EXCEPT, my heater doesn't seem to blow hot air unless I put it to max. =/ Previously, the digital temperature control seemed to work fine with smooth HVAC control. The engine...
  12. S

    Does Anyone Know Part number of this

    i just only waDoes anyone know part number of this 03+ toyota land cruiser heater corebox valve (87150-60790) 's AIR DUCT I WANT THAT TWO AIRDUCT ONLY please let me know if you have any information to share thnx
  13. K

    Spokane area Cruiser shop

    I am working in Spokane and brought my 94 LC 80 series up here from Austin. I have a heater core issue which may involve the nasty job of pulling dash etc. Not sure I can drive it back to LCSpecialists in Austin or not. I saw a prior thread on Cruiser friendly shops and wondering if there are...
  14. ridgeback rig

    Blend door stuck

    The blend door on my 93 is apparently stuck open. There is no heat when you turn the heater on and there is cold air that comes in thru the vents during any drive in cold weather. No water on floor, no overheating. Heater valve has been replaced, just in case and appears to be functioning. Took...
  15. macd1973

    Heater Core Part #'s HELP!!!!

    I have searched high and low and cannot find the part numbers for the o-rings and also the metal pipes that feed the heater core on my 1995 FJ80. It appears there are potentially 3 metal hoses? I am bypassing the core for now. Can anyone help me please??? Thank you, David
  16. Kris

    Fixing messed up heater core lines

    So about every vehicle I have ever worked on with a 22r/re/rte has had jacked up water lines behind the head - See the picture below of the brass lines - they always leak some and look like junk. Since I have the head off my 4runner, I would like to fix them. I had an idea about using something...
  17. G

    Valve Clicking after Air Intake Manifold removed to replace PHH

    Dealer-maintained FZJ80 Land Cruiser with 1FZ-FE engine has about 100K city/highway miles. I took it to a non-dealer to have PHH replaced. They had to remove the Air Intake Manifold (upper and lower) to replace the PHH (which was bulging and leaking) with an Xtreme Silicone Pesky Heater Hose...
  18. promofzj80

    Heater core replacement

    Hello everyone, I am a newbie to the site. I have a 95 fzj80 and am needing to put a new front heater core in it. It started out slow but now my floor board is soaked on passenger side. My question is can I get a factory Toyota core or is their a reliable after market?
  19. R

    '91 HDJ81 heater core

    Heater core TU (tango uniform) and having trouble finding the core. Will heater cores from non-japanese 80's work in HDJ81? Any help on finding a heater core or info on an alternative solution would be appreciated. Thanks, Rich Boyle
  20. 1

    1997 Bypass rear heater core - HELP !!

    !!PLEASE HELP!! Hello everyone - I'm a new active participant of this forum however had used it many times to help learn how to accomplish some of the minor fixes I've needed to perform on my 1997 Limited Edition LC. I've owned this vehicle for 16 years and love it and look forward to another...
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