1. FishNinJay

    SpeedHut/MM Tachometer Yellow Wire in '90 FJ62

    Just received my new SpeedHut gauges from @FJ60Cam at Mosley Motors. They look AWESOME! I think I have the SpeedHut lighting inverter and the "main" wiring figured out, but I'm worried about this yellow sensor wire to the tachometer. There seems to be a corresponding yellow wire on the OEM dash...
  2. blbuck12

    SpeedHut or Aftermarket Tach mount

    I recently got a Speedhut tach that I am planning on installing in my LS swapped 60. Needed a mount to hold it in so I designed and 3d printed this bracket for the stock location. Figured I would post and share the file here in case anyone else could use it. STL file attached here and link to...
  3. R

    Instrument cluster

    Hey legends, I have a 1990 hzj75 troopy with a 6.2L diesel Brunswick conversion, this has got me stumped I was fault finding a temperature gauge fault and Had the instrument cluster out but still connected and whilst testing shorted something out on the cluster 🤦‍♂️ now the oil pressure...
  4. averye

    100 series oil pressure gauge not working

    My oil pressure gauge in my 2003 Land Cruiser has began to read no oil pressure or very little at all, but I have checked multiple times and my car is full of oil. How do I fix this?
  5. prstentop

    Dakota VS. Real Gauges

    Would love to hear opinions on this....I love our 76 FJ Restomod except that the previous owner left all of the old wiring and fuses under the dash while adding newer wiring and fuses for fuel injection, ac, etc. There are wires to nowhere under there.... I think I am going to have the truck...
  6. Adam A

    Heater, gauges, and radio all stopped working! Help please!

    My 1978 fj40 radio (aftermarket) went out. Then I looked down and my gauges (oil, temp, fuel) were all going down to zero. The truck runs perfectly fine other than that. The first thing I did was check the fuses and the heater fuse was blown. I replaced that, checked all the other fuses with a...
  7. Prestonagray

    Wanted  Fj62 dash (ut/USA)

    Looking for a complete 62 dash that’s clean. Can pay cash or trade 60 dash for it. Lemme know what you’ve got.
  8. Grouchy

    Wanted  Speedometer/Odometer (No longer needed)

    my 1974 spins the tenths digit, but no more. Anyone have parts to rebuild/replace the unit that I could take off their hands? Cheers and thanks!
  9. F

    For Sale  Various 1987 Toyota 4runner Parts

    Front Chrome Bumper Good Condition Not all banged up ($50) Front marker lights ($15 Pair) Electric Side View Mirrors ($50 pair) *as indicated in the picture, I only have one cover piece. Tail gate lock and window switch ($25) Dash board gauge housing ($30) Front Bumper Body Skirt ($20)...
  10. pjohnson

    FJ40 Aftermarket Gauge Cluster

    About 2 years ago I ordered and received a gauge cluster plate from a former mud vendor. It took a lot of effort to get it, but it eventually arrived. Fast forward to now. I bought my gauges and went to install them in the plate; nada, no way, no go. The two large gauge holes were cut too close...
  11. Robbie G

    New Owner of 1980 FJ40 in need of local mechanic

    Hi Local LC Enthusiasts! I was very excited to find a local FJ club here in Philly. I'm a new owner of a 1980 FJ40 that is in need of some mechanical assistance. I've been able to address most mechanical and minor electrical issues within reason, but I am not expert mechanic by a long shot...
  12. G

    LX470 1998 Gauge Stops Working Periodically

    Hi its been getting pretty out here in California recently and one thing I noticed is that all my gauges except for the Speedometer stops working and drops to zero once it gets above 100F. Has this happened to people? What do you guys recommend? Gauge by ghong14 posted Sep 8, 2017 at 12:42 AM
  13. Swampfox58

    Gauge Cluster Fogging Up

    The humidity has been causing my gauges to fog over. Is the a gasket behind the gauges that I could replace to prevent this? Open to suggestions...moving, currently is not an option.
  14. McDowra

    Gauges, AC, and trans OD cuts out at same time any ideas?

    Just as the title says on our way home from my Grandsons birthday party the gauges, AC fan and Transmission kicked out of overdrive. The Cruiser ran fine just the dru=ivers side of the dash seem to loose power. The headlights, blinkers, and radio still worked fine. It did this 3 times on the way...
  15. mike

    For Sale  24v dash gauges dash cluster HJ60/HJ61 87-89

    I have these dash gauge assemblies available for sale, willing to separate individual gauges..all 24v and in working condition
  16. KevsDieselLC

    EGT, oil pressure & water temp sensors and gauges for 3B

    Hey everybody, does anyone have any good recommendations for sensors and gauges for the 3B diesel (with supra CT26 turbo)? Any instructions how to install them? Thanks!
  17. jonnylachinga

    Instrument Cluster stopped working; slew of weird symptoms

    Hi all, I just purchased a 1994 Land Cruiser, my first and it's bitchin'. Today I went to try out the low range and lockers in some nearby hills. I first put the transfer case in low and cruised up and down some hills, nothing amiss. After about 30 minutes I noticed my oil pressure gauge going...
  18. S

    Parting Out  complete '89 fj62, 300k, motor runs, bad trans

    a friend in my neighborhood has been driving this as DD for past year or 2. To my knowledge it ran fine and was reliable for her until trans went out. She decided she was not going to replace trans so I ended up buying for a couple of items that I wanted to replace on my FJ62. The big items I...
  19. 90Cruzer

    For Sale  FJ62 Parts (Mirrors, Denso Alternator, MAF, misc. parts)

    Denso alternator- $200 Front side marker lights (Amber) - $10/each Passenger side rocker chrome trim (snake blinder) - $25 [Straight but has a couple dimples in chrome] Heater blower/fan motor - $40 Shifter handle - $25 Shifter handle (complete) with gear selector indicator housing - $75...
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