fzj80 build

  1. JohnnyFish

    Goose Poop - my '95 LS swap project

    Five weeks ago at 6 in the morning, @Wopega posted his locked '95 for sale in Ft. Worth for $1000. I DM'ed him about 20 minutes later and was first in a long line. Bryon was awesome to work with, and that Friday evening I dragged it home to Austin. It had been sitting at a Ft. Worth Landcruiser...
  2. ARFCOM15

    FZJ80 crank holding tool

    Anyone have one that I can borrow? HG and timing chain replacement in the next few weeks and I am trying to not shell out $80 for the OTRAMM one. I'll make it worth your while! Thank you!
  3. EP Knothead

    Starting my Build on the "T-Rusty" 80

    Hey guys as the title says I am looking to start my build of my '97 FZJ80, a few things to consider. It is a rusty nightmare underneath, I weigh almost 500 pounds, I don't plan on having more than 3 people in the vehicle max, everything is currently stock except the tires are LT275 Yokohama...
  4. William839

    Pre-trip maintenance and tips

    First let me say, I know there are tons of threads about this . But what’s the point of being apart of this forum if I can’t get tips and tricks personally for my rig I have a 97 fzj80 that I picked up from a school teacher 10 minutes from where I live . His daughter drove it everyday to...
  5. B

    New 1993 FZJ80 (locked)

    Just picked up this rig. I am baselining it now. but would like some input on upgrades and the order that you guys would put them. (importance). Thanks, Brian
  6. BradyBunchFJ80

    Builds  Brady Bunch FZJ 80 New Project Build

    I've just purchased my very first 1994 FZJ 80 Toyota Land Cruiser and I'm super stoked to get started on this new project to turn this thing into a solid driver and overland rig. NOTE: I'm a rookie LC owner and learning its nuances as I go. I love the FZJ 80's stout looks and solid reputation...
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