fuel pressure

  1. D

    1989 FJ62 Intermittent Engine Problem

    The FJ62 has 240,000 miles and is my daily driver. It runs great MOST of the time but every once in a while will not rev above 1500 to 1800 RPM. If you press on the gas pedal it pops thru the intake and loses RPM. This usually happens when accelerating from a stop but has happened at highway...
  2. PanchoLedezma

    Fuel Preasusure Gauge inside the motor, Done before?

    Hi bros!, I want to put this Gauge inside the motor, have anybody done this before? I'm thinking it goes over here... Any tips or ideas? Thanks for your thoughts in advanced
  3. kengalbraith

    No Fuel coming through line - fuel pressure issue, fuel pump, or ?

    Hi friends! New to the IH8Mud forum, and FJ's in general. Long story short, picked up an FJ62 from a family friend that has been sitting in a yard for years (in NM, no rust). Ran when parked. Couldn't pass it up, so now I own an FJ! Drained gas tank, swapped fuel filter (fuel was in the line...
  4. LostAfrican

    Charcoal Canister Replacement Option

    Our's is an 01, LX, with the charcoal canister in the engine bay (not in the back above the spare). This mod is definitely more applicable to those model years with charcoal canister in the front, though it could easily be adapted for the later years with the canister in the rear. I have an aux...
  5. brhydock

    fuel pump/pressure issues

    Hi guys, first time posting in the tech forums and I'm looking for some advice but here is a little back story on the vehicle before I get to the problem. This is my first cruiser and also my first time working on a vehicle, so please pardon my ignorance or clumsy explanations. I bought a...
  6. bahamasair

    Fuel pressure line flare nut size?

    I'm adding an extra inline fuel filter and want to tap into the flare nut where it transitions from the hard line to the rubber line that supply's the original filter. Does anyone know the size, type and pitch of the thread that the flare nut uses? I'd like to order all the adapters I need...
  7. cruiserhound

    Fuel Pressure Regulator Leaking

    I decided to replace my oem Fuel Pressure Regulator with a new Napa Echelin FPR. The parts are pretty much identical. So I got it all in place easy enough, put the original brass tab washers that you see in the picture back on and tightened the banjo bolt. I start the Cruiser ('91 3FE) and gas...
  8. M

    Fuel Pressure Test

    I have a '99 LC. I read somewhere that someone makes a special bolt for one of the fuel rails that has a schrader valve installed so a pressure check can be done. Does anyone have any info on this.
  9. MisipLC

    No Fuel Pressure at Fuel Rail ?

    Okee Dokee, we are stumped. Pulled the engine and have re-installed. Plugged everything back and now have a problem getting fuel to the rail. Using the FSM, checked resistance in the Fuel Pump resistor - good. Checked the Fuel Pump Relay - Good. Jumped the fuel fuel pump and it ran. It...
  10. Lo2aY

    Injection Nozzle Pressure 1HD-FT

    Hello, I've searched and searched without any luck. Long story short, I'm wrapping up my 1HD-FT engine refresh. Need the specs for the correct amount of pressure the fuel nozzles should have. The FSM does not show what pressure it should be. It mentions a start to spray pressure of 2000+ PSI...
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