1. nhall80

    1FZ Engine rebuild

    I'm most likely about to do a rebuild on my 1FZ engine ('95 model with 289k miles). For you folks who have done this, I've got a few questions: - What online rebuild kit/part suppliers do you like? I've read a few folks mentioned on this forum, but am not sure how to find them (ie. I've seen...
  2. X

    80 Series electrical wiring diagram

    I live in Australia and need to get my hands on a copy of the 1997 FZJ80R electrical wiring diagram but can only find the following USA printed 1997 FSM to purchase. Can I rely on the USA printed FSM electrical diagrams or does the wiring layout differ between the AUS and US vehicles?
  3. MrMikeyG

    For Sale 1995 FSM single volume black/greern cover---SOLD---

    Hello. Just as the title states; I have a factory service manual for the 1995 Land Cruiser for sale. It is the single volume publication number RM432U it is in decent shape, very minimal greasy finger marks on page edges, no rips/tears, no missing pages, not all marked up inside, and not...
  4. B

    2001 Factory Service manual vs 2004 pdf download from MUD

    I just bought a 2001 LC (AZ truck, 120k) and I'm looking to purchase the Factory Service Manual (FSM). However, I just came across the pdf download for all 100 series land cruisers from 1998-2007 on this site (downloaded here Dropbox - landcruiser1998-2007.rar). The pdf download is actually a...
  5. jbee

    What book is this? Not FSM or Haynes?

    I found this cool repair manual in a lot of parts that I bought, it’s got lots of good photos. Pls see attached photos. It looks like the FSM and the Haynes manual had a baby? Maybe I should scan it and add it to trollhole’s collection? Has a cool page about vacuum diagnostics. Also found a...
  6. Erkan

    User and service manuals for vehicles of all automobiles

    This one is Toyota specific: Toyota manuals
  7. Erkan

    User and service manuals for vehicles of all automobiles

    Hi Folks, This link may be interesting for all of us! en.manuals.cz You can register here. Enjoy!
  8. Peru Darrell

    Service manual for FZJ105, Australia help??

    Struggling to find a FSM for a FZJ105 4.5L I6 gasoline without distributor. I think I have a timing issue and my mechanic has been unable to solve it. All I can find are manuals for the V8 100 series or the I6 80 series with distributor. Following a head gasket install, I am overheating and...
  9. RFB

    Reinstalling Double Cardon

    Which is more important the "phasing" of the driveshaft yokes? or the "phasing" of the driveshaft flanges? Sorry to ask again, but the FSM isnt showing the DC driveshaft and the mounting bolts for the transfer case are very difficult to get to with the IP skid in place.
  10. Icicle

    Current working link to an FSM for a 96.....

    Enjoy: http://www.trollholescruisers.com/Tech/Manuals/Chassis%20and%20Body/1996%20FZJ80%20FSM.pdf ;)
  11. Chad717

    FJ60 FSM no longer available from Toyota?

    I apologize if I missed an alternative to this already, but I'm picking up my first FJ60 this week (yay! 1985) and under the FJ60 FAQ section there was a phone number listed to get a factory service manual. I called this number and they told me that manuals prior to 1991 are no longer sold...
  12. CurtB

    RTFM Brake Master Cylinder Bleed

    I relearn this lesson too many times!
  13. SoCalCrewser

    FJZ80 Factory Service Manual Reprint

    Just wanted to start off by thanking all of the amazing members for their posts and guidance for the 80 series. I have an LX450 and have heavily relied on the detailed info found here to keep it running in great shape. The quantity and quality of information has saved me so much time and money...
  14. DuckLN

    2006 fsm pages for key programming needed

    Trying tirelessly to avoid trip to stealer. Yes ive searched and read many many threads on this issue. I have been able to program the lock, unlock function to my two new oem master keys. I have not been able to program the computer (immobilizer) to accept the new keys. I have tried...
  15. MoJ

    Sunroof FSM level spec

    As below, the FSM specifies a tolerance for the difference in level between the roof panel and sunroof seal. It does not specify whether the sunroof seal should sit above or below the roof panel, but rather just the absolute difference between the two surfaces. For those with a sun roof that's...
  16. Dork

    Consensus on Following FSM re: HDFT Compression Check, eyc

    I'm putting together a batch of parts and tools to do a bit of inspecting of my engine in the near future; specifically valve clearances, compression test and having a look at the state of the injectors. Since there's no glow plugs on this more, i get to pull a lot apart In the process. In...
  17. SW20

    Wanted Factory FSM for 1982 FJ40

    Looking for the FSM for 1982 FJ40. It is easier for me to use a book compared to reading it online.
  18. gummycarbs

    Downloading FSM from Toyota TIS site (2017)

    I wrote this today to help me get the FSM downloaded for my '94. All it does is add a 'DOWNLOAD' link next to the 'Spanish' button. You click on each section in the manual browser, then click 'DOWNLOAD' to download that section. I wrote and tested this in Chrome and have no idea if it works...
  19. aaron9252

    2h 24v FSM link help

    Guys, Hopefully I didn't simply overlook it but I've been searching for a link to a FSM for my 1986 24v 2H. I've either found broken links, random PDF pics, or old threads that show the pictures inactive. Does someone have a full FSM link out there? Thanks!
  20. stoshzack

    Wanted Lexus GX470 FSMs

    Hi - Taking a chance that someone might have the factory service manuals (FSM) for a Lexus GX470. I have a 2003, but I think other years would work fine. Thanks
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