1. Ossy

    For Sale  South FL 2002 Land Cruiser 161k miles, $14k

    Not my listing. Came across this FL owned LC with seemingly no rust. Price seems decent too.
  2. karr

    SOLD  Florida (north) (no lockers) 1997 LX450 Lexus silver

    1997 Lexus lx450 Absolutely no rust on frame! 282k miles Runs good could you some basic maintenance Ac works Radio works Needs tires they are worn Lots of pics to see condition Looking to sell ASAP as I have some new plans. Located in dowling park, Florida, 32060 6000 or best offer Clean...
  3. D

    MUDShip  need a truck shipped from AZ to FL

    hello mud, I'm buying a LC from a buddy in Arizona and need some help transporting it from AZ to me in tampa, FL. Obviously I can and may end up getting a shipping company but I thought I'd throw it out there and see if anyone can help and maybe save me a few pennies. thanks in advance. j
  4. FloridaPhillip

    Wanted  FJ40 in Southeast

    I’m looking for a FJ40 in the southeast. I’m in the Florida panhandle but travel to Birmingham fairly often. My budget is ~$12K. I want mostly stock with a hardtop, and doors. Some mods are ok— I just don’t want a crawler. I would prefer 72-78, but interested in all years. It needs to be...
  5. C

    For Sale  1999 LX470 184K New timing belt, H2O pump, all bearings etc. Sarasota FL USA

    1999 LEXUS LX470 (the upgraded Toyota Landcruiser ;-()) 4X4. 4 Wheel drive high and low capable. 8 passenger vehicle with extra 3rd row leather seats. Low 184,840 miles, less than 10,000 miles per year. Was in storage for many years. Never has been used for towing, though it would make a good...
  6. A

    Landy Customs - Shon Laurent

    Has anyone dealt with Shon Laurent from Landy Customs? He has some cruisers out of Canary Islands Spain. Please let me know if anyone has any experience with him. Thanks
  7. warezdog

    FREE  SARASOTA FLORIDA 80 Bumperettes, trans cross member, rear tire hanger with MOD

    Just moved and didn't have the heart to toss this stuff but it has to go! Bumperettes, shot in John Deer Blitz black, good condition and have the innards as well. Also have the aluminum plate. Cross member for tranny, rust free, when with IPOR skid so will never use it. Spare tire holder with...
  8. N

    For Sale  1999 Lexus LX 470, Florida car

    Selling my Lexus Lx, I am the second owner of the vehicle, the timing chain was changed at 117k miles, it has never been in an accident and I would consider is in not a flawless shape but as close as it gets for a 18 year old car. It has pretty much new tires on it and all oil changes have been...
  9. Sputnik40

    GSMTR Florida Cabin - Space Available

    I mentioned this in the regular GSMTR thread, but didn't get any hits. Have one, maybe two, spots open in "deluxe" cabin #14 (aka Riders Rest) reserved for Wednesday - Saturday night. Will be right next to the UC folks in #12/#13 (Dennis and I bunked with them last year), so good spot to be if...
  10. T

    Parting Out  Fj60 83 florida

    I recently purchased this 1983 fj60 going to use the drivetrain engine transmission transfer case for my 79 fj40 project everything else is up for grabs I also have a perfect condition fj60 Hood and about three sets of perfect rear doors and at least one set up perfect front doors and to some...
  11. turboed83

    For Sale  FZJ80 Axles etc. FS, Florida

    I've got a complete set of axles from my 94 FZJ80. They are non locked. Thats the reason for selling them. I came across a destroyed truck that had lockers and removed everything, rebuilt and converted my truck. These axles are nearly new. I completely rebuild them about a year ago. Front has...
  12. P

    08 LX570 149K FS South Florida - not mine & no affiliation

    Lexus LX 570 Land Cruiser!! Super Clean!! Like New!! Must sale!!
  13. RuggedG

    For Sale  1983 FJ43 RESTORED IN FLORIDA

    1983 Fj43 For Sale in Miami. (PS,PB,AC,5 SPEED,ROLL BAR & much More) Asking $35,000 The Fj was recently Frame on Restored by "Clean Cruisers Of Miami"(Great local TLC shop). No lipstick here guys, truck was Restored the proper way not cutting corners. Looks good on pictures as well as if...
  14. Live4SkimLC

    For Sale  1995 FZJ80 - Florida - 200k miles

    Has just over 200k on the clock. Upgraded headlights with retrofit projectors. Has the Sequoia alternator upgrade. Has 285/75/R16 tires, no factory lockers. Has some rust, but undercarriage is clean. a/c currently not blowing cold. Engine runs great, also just put a new battery in it. I'd keep...
  15. jmlockwood

    For Sale  2014 Land Cruiser - 40,100 miles - Tallahassee, Florida

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Just got the word that my 2017 TLC will be at the dealership this week. I wanted to offer up my current truck to the forum before listing on Craigslist/Ebay. If interested, shoot me an email (john at lockwoodlawfirm dot com). I am selling a black 2014 Land Cruiser with sandstone...
  16. KliersLC

    MUDShip  N. Florida to Richmond/Virginia Beach

    Hi folks, I am working in Jacksonville Florida for the week and will be headed back to VA on Friday. If anybody needs something large shipped from @mel lowe, he is not far from here--happy to swing by and grab anything that I can fit inside the 80. Cheers, Dan
  17. 80drifter

    Headed south to Florida 80 & Sunshine

    I'm headed south, tired of Maine and cold weather. I'm leaving on Saturday, towing a small uhaul trailer with all my belongings. Any suggestions or things I should be aware of towing the trailer other than it's going to be slow on the hills?
  18. dhny

    For Sale  1984 FJ60 1 Ton, Stroked EFI 385 V8 in SW Florida

    This seriously built 1984 FJ60 with a monster V8 and drivetrain is looking for a new home. I'm not the original builder, but the build thread is listed below. Summary Overall Rust-Free and clean Located in Bradenton, FL (south of Tampa). Mileage ~191,000 My understanding is it passed smog in...
  19. C

    For Sale  97 Land Cruiser 225k lockers Tampa, Florida

    ***After years of never giving me a problem or stranding me, Murphy's Law struck; the week I put it up for sale this happens. Cranks but won't start this Monday morning. As I am leaving (traveling abroad) soon I am willing to sell it as is if anyone is interested. I will work on it this weekend...
  20. Chesterjrtravis

    2005 GX470

    2005 GX470. Owned by my elderly parents and used as a grocery getter and for my mother's real estate business. Garage kept it's entire life. Florida vehicle. Never seen mud or snow. All service records up to date and documented. 193k Miles 4.7L V8 (2UZ-FE VVT-i) 4x4 with factory electronic...
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