1. Somebodyelse5

    SOLD  100 Series - OEM Front Mud Guards - $20

    I've got a set of used OEM front mud guards, includes brackets and hardware. I had them on my '99 UZJ100 but took them off when I got rock sliders. They are in good shape, usual road grime, DS has a backcountry sticker on it. Located in AZ, would prefer local sale but will ship if you'll pay...
  2. thewall151

    FJ60 mud flap clip part number

    Looking for the part number for fj60 mud flap clips please? Thank you, Aaron
  3. Gunky

    Fender/Mud Flap Bolt Sizes

    I'm looking for the bolt sizes for the inner fender, along the edge that bolts upwards towards the outer fender. Also, the bolt size of the ones that connect the piece that goes from the front fender flare to the stock side runners. It looks like it's a unique bolt, similar to the ones that are...
  4. OKCFJ62

    Wanted  FJ62/FJ60 Mud Flaps/Mud Guards

    Is there someone who would be interested in selling a full set of mud flaps? I would need the model without fender flares. I attached a picture of exactly what I am looking for. PM me if you have a set available for sale. They are for my 1989 FJ62.
  5. Roark Supply

    Roark Supply’s Flap Disc & Cut Off Wheel COMBO DEAL is Back!

    NEW WEBSITE AND A GREAT DEAL! We recently launched our new website and to help spread the word, we’re bringing back the Flap Disc & Cut Off Wheel Combo Deal. Priced at $47, this package includes: 25 – Premier Grind 4.5” x 78” Flap Discs: Type 27 or Type 29 / 36, 40, 60, 80 or 120 Grit...
  6. Irish Reiver

    Flare End Caps

    Last week i installed my 4x4 Labs rear bumper. I went with the rear mud flaps but after 1 week i think they look hideous. I plan on removing them this weekend. I also binned the running boards as part of my remodel so now i am looking for a solution to make the flare look finished. A search...
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