1. WhatIfSurvival

    New Vendor: What If Survival 10% OFF First Aid Response Kits

    Hi All! My name is Nick Semione and I own What If Survival. We are a first aid and survival company geared to the outdoor community, specifically the offroading and shooting communities. I would like to introduce you all to the First Aid Response Kit , which is not your average first aid...
  2. J

    Wanted FOUND*** FJ40 Parking Brake Back Plate **FOUND

    Thanks!! Backing Plate has been found. Jeff
  3. J

    FJ40 Parking Brake

    Do you think this is going to be a problem? I'm guessing the back plate might have gotten tweaked causing the space.
  4. Wadesters

    emergency brake stuck 1981 FJ40

    Hello, I am doing a frame off restoration on a 1982 fj40. Now that the body is off I am addressing the emergency brake problem. It is completely stuck and is not the cable. This is the later style emergency brake. About to take the rear drums off but just wondering if since it is all one...
  5. WanderinWhitlows

    CANCELED Colby Valve emergency replacement wheel valves CANCELED

    This group buy has been canceled due to lack of interest. Talk about these replacement valve stems has been making its way around ever since their successful crowd funded launch. Finally they are available to everyone and I've been able to negotiate a group buy discount from them for our...
  6. ontopofm

    Emergency - Stranded: need 3 drive flange studs

    Hey guys, I have 3 broken drive flange studs in Santa Ana, anyone have spares? please call or text me at 559-423-0710 I need to get back to Fresno by tonight. thanks.
  7. ontopofm

    Emergency stranded: Need 3 flange studs in Santa Ana, SoCal

    My drive flange studs are broken. Anyone in SoCal Santa Ana area have spares? Please call or text me at 559-423-0710, need to drive home to Fresno tonight. Thanks in advance.
  8. mep1811

    Emergency triangle mounting

    After having my emergency triangles floating around the truck I wanted a good out of the way location but was accessible. I found this mounting bracket. Amazon.com: Triangle Kit Mounting Bracket: Industrial & Scientific The triangle case I had was a little short for the mount so I used a...
  9. OptimusPrime

    Most Affordable Li-Ion Mini Jump Starter for the V8?

    All, I'm trying to gear up for a mini overlanding/Red Rocks pilgrimage trip to Denver in a week and a half and this is another purchase decision that has been giving me headaches. I want a mini-jump starter for piece of mind when I'm out in the middle of nowhere, and so far I'm seeing the...
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