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Aug 31, 2020
memphis tennessee
please help I was driving around a corner when all of my lights cut off and the car died, I pulled over and popped the hood to smoke and burning rubber then I saw that the positive battery terminal made contact with the metal bar that holds the battery (the battery was too small) later the car will turn over but not start then it wouldn’t even do that the dash lights stay on when the key is taken out, the only damage that I saw was a burnt ground wire (red) but the car won’t do anything I couldn’t even roll up the window the fuses on the positive battery terminal seen to be intact and when I connect the battery there is a buzzing sound from the relay box

Have you since replaced that toasted ground wire? Start there

Edit: First step should be to disconnect the ground terminal at the battery before doing anything to avoid more mishaps. Replace fried ground cable. Then test battery voltage with no load. Check fuses both on the fusible link by the battery terminal, the two junction boxes next to the battery, as well as the junction box by the drivers side kick panel.
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sounds like you looked but my first thought would be to check the fusable link on the battery (100A fuse). Do you have a test light or continuity checker? As mentioned make sure to replace that old ground cable. Whats the battery voltage? You could have cooked it.

Good luck!

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