LX470 with intermittent starting issues after dealership replaced lights in dash...

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Jan 7, 2022
san diego, ca
We have a 2000 LX470, which has served us well. A few months back, we had Lexus replace all the lights in the dashboard (an important indicator light had burned out, and we figured "as long as the dash has to be pulled"). Since then, we have had the LX into the dealership four (4) times for a failure to start. The issue is intermittent, and the dealership has been unable to replicate the problem, or diagnose a probable cause. When the problem occurs, it acts like an extremely low battery. Turn the key, hear a "click", and then nada. Last visit to the dealership, they put in a new battery. Three (3) weeks later, same issue.

Is it possible that the dealership messed something up when they pulled-and-reinstalled the dash? More importantly, what would be the most likely areas we should point the dealership to? Otherwise, the LX runs/rides just fine. We just can't have it intermittently stranding us and then waste yet-more-time with the LX at the dealership.
Possible that coincidentally you have a starter going bad? Turning key and "click" of the starter solenoid with no starter engagement intermittently is how that usually begins.
Agree above: Also the symptoms are common in colder weather. If you want to make sure it is the exact issue, wait till the weather warms up and if you find no clicks at start ups, then it is the contacts inside the starter.

Contacts are like $5 and plunger is like $15. There are kits available for $20 shipped. Do NOT install aftermarket starters. OEM starter is good for life with new contacts every 200K miles or so (all my toy's have oem starters still. Some had contacts and some are not).

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