crankshaft pulley

  1. MadMeak

    Wanted ISO 86 FJ60 3 groove crankshaft pulley

    Looking for a quality used FJ60 crankshaft pulley 3-groove w/factory A/C. I’m in Idaho. 83404. Thanks.
  2. mrjordann

    Crankshaft Pulley Nut won't come loose.

    Hi, I have an F engine and this nut won't seem to come loose. Is it reverse threaded or anything? Or do I just need more torque to remove it? Please excuse my ignorance. Thanks for any help.
  3. HawkGunner

    HELP!! I can't get my crankshaft pulley nut off!

    I'm pulling the motor to change all the seals and gaskets. I need to get the C/S pulley nut off. I have a 46mm socket, and I've hammered on it with an impact gun. No luck. I put a breaker bar on it and bumped the starter. It doesn't look like it's budged even a little. Im new to the 2F...
  4. AaKnight

    Any Advice for Stuck Crank Bolt?

    OK, so I tried to change the oil pump o-ring over the weekend. I'm not having any luck with the crank bolt. I tried the starter bump method and the pulley rotates a little then stops under force. So I got out my air impact, set it to 125psi, and hammered on it for a good 10 minutes...
  5. P

    Newbie with a Broken Crank pulley

    Hey, I just bought a 1984 Fj60 that seemed to be well taken care of. On the drive home from buying it the first two pulleys on the crank pulley fell off. By the looks of it I'm thinking that I can replace the whole crank pulley on my own. Before I start I wanted to get some advice. So if you...
  6. M

    87 FJ60 Harmonic Balancer question

    I just bought a pair of 60's (83 and 87). The previous owner told me that the 87 just needed the crankshaft pulley nut and the key to get back on the road. I went to put it on yesterday and saw that the pulley is broken out where the key fit in. I see that I can order one of these, but am...
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