1. mgsmith125

    Wanted Skid plate for transmission (OEM ripped and hanging off)

    2006 Landcruiser I need an "intermediate" skid plate that covers the transmission. Mine has a clean cut on the back which has it hanging down and looks awful. The slee cover requires that you buy the belly cover which adds another couple hundred to the purchase. Im open to anything and...
  2. Erkan

    Chilton Repair and Tune-up Guide 1974

    Hi Folks, Does anyone have this book: Chilton Repair and Tune-up Guide Toyota Land Cruiser 1974? I only need the front and back cover scanned. Any help is appreciated!
  3. John E Davies

    Removable front seat covers

    Any suggestions for my '13 200? I really like these from Equipt but there is no way in this lifetime that I will pay $460 for two.... "They are all handcrafted from 510 denier cotton canvas and contoured specifically to the Land Cruiser seating surface. Each cover set includes headrest covers...
  4. E

    difference in 1999 LC & LX seats ?

    I found some seat covers that look decent and are not too expensive but i can only find them made to fit a 1999 landcruisers seats. Ive actualy never really looked at a Landcruiser seats at all much less close enough to know if / what differences there are. Anyone help me out ? thanx
  5. bulldog77

    For Sale Used Wet Okole front seat covers for fzj80 -- SOLD

    When I purchased my 80 the PO had these seat covers installed. I reupholstered my seats so I no longer need them. The driver's seat also has an optional seat heating element (plugs into lighter outlet). They are quality seat covers and fit really well. Easy to take on and off and clean well...
  6. onetruth1130

    questions on DIY bumpers and seat covers...96 LX450

    ok first question. im considering fabricating my own rear bumper with swing out, maybe 2 swingouts. no small feat by any means. i have made my own swing out carrier for a subaru that went into the hitch and so far its holding up. i was just recently looking at another thread about diy...
  7. T4RBoarder

    '95-97 Leather to cloth seat covers

    Forgive me if this was posted, as I did not find an answer from search, feel free to point me in the right direction if I missed it. I only really found stuff for aftermarket covers and whole seat swaps. This morning I came across a full set of OEM cloth seat covers off of a '93-94 cruiser...
  8. jfrench

    For Sale SOLD-100 series roof rail delete covers-Denver USA

    SOLD-SOLD-SOLD 6 OEM (75557-60010) like new covers with hardware. I think these are around $10 each from Mr. T without the hardware. I'm including stainless allen head bolts with rubber washers to improve weather tightness when deleting the roof rails and using these covers. $50 OBO shipped in...
  9. Cruiserhead05

    For Sale Specter Off Road tuff duck seat covers - 80 series

    I have a used set of front bucket, brown tuff duck seat covers. These are in very good condition. Paid $295. Price: $175.
  10. Z

    For Sale Wet Okole Seat Covers FJ Cruiser Never installed

    I order and during the time of ordering and delivery I sold my FJ Cruiser (bought a LX470). These are black and grey with inflatable lumbar support and added cell phone pocket, also included are the odor eliminator, surface protection and shampoo. Asking $390 (actual cost and I will cover shipping)
  11. 85FJ60SD

    For Sale [CA] FJ40 Turn Signal Covers

    These came off my old 40. Don't need them anymore. 40+ship
  12. Ofcrtj

    Cheap DIY seat covers

    Just wanted to share something I did today that was cheap, easy and effective to fix those commonly worn out seats. So my drivers seat leather has long been toast. Since this isn't my daily driver I didn't want to spend a ton on fancy seat covers or reapoulstry so I took some old fabric and...
  13. ExpoGeorgia

    For Sale SPOR 80 Series seat covers

    I have a set of SPOR front seat and headrest covers for an 80 series. Good condition, passenger side has a water spot. $100 for everything. Would prefer local pickup but if you want to have it shipped, on your dime.
  14. Vulin

    For Sale FJ60/62 GTCovers Seat Covers (FRONTS ONLY)

    I have the front seat covers in Grey Endura from GTCovers. In great condition, went to BMW seats so I no longer need them. $125 shipped! Sell for $238 from GTCovers SOLD
  15. FloridaCruiser22

    Cabela's Low-Back TrailGear Seat Covers

    Getting ready to order these; seem like most people here approve of them for the price. Can anyone provide a picture of how they fit on the 2nd row seat? Might order those too but didn't see anything in previous threads.
  16. Cleg

    Front Disc Brake Dust Cover Help

    I'm finally getting around to rebuilding the knuckles to replace the leaky seals and find I need some help. The truck is a '72 FJ40 with a disc brake front axle, reportedly off of a '78 FJ40. There are no dust cover back plates behind the rotors. I expect they belong there but are missing. The...
  17. chap79

    Hats, the non-philosophical kind. What do you wear?

    i typically rotate through a few ball caps that I use while working in the garage. But being cooler weather and rain I find myself grabbing the fur felt Stetson for going outside. What do you all wear for work, safety, or casual?
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