1. mrjordann

    Where can I find accurate Land Cruiser value to register a truck?

    I hope this is the right subforum, if not, please let me know where to go. So I bought a 1973 FJ40. I went to my local auto license place. I paid $6000 for the old truck, which as you probably know, is fair for a beat up 73 truck. Here is the problem. The auto-license place needs proof that I...
  2. Geezer Cruzzer

    Cost of power steering for 1982 FJ40

    Just joined the forum. A little background. In 1978, we bought a beautiful FJ40 which we kept for 20 years. Selling it was one of the dumbest things I ever did. It would be one of those $35K Cruisers today. Long story short. Wife got the itch to buy a Cruiser for her 65th birthday. I'm more than...
  3. benjrblant

    What it Cost to Own an 80 Series: 11 months and 20,000 Miles In

    The objective here is to inform some others who are new to or who may be considering the purchase of a 1990’s cruiser. If you’re not hunting for one, the objective is for some time-killing entertainment- so enjoy. Like so many other things, this isn’t a be-all end-all but rather a collection of...

    Cost to replace front tie rods in the '88 FJ62

    The mechanic gave me an estimate of $475 (parts & labor) to replace all 4 front tie rods. Does this price look fair?
  5. Brad6260

    What's a reasonable cost expectation for painting my 80 series ?

    Other than typical bump and bruise type body and paint repairs over the years I have never had an entire vehicle painted so I have no idea what a realistic expectation might be to do a very basic repaint my 93 80 series. What I'm looking for is an affordable repaint done in the same color...
  6. S

    Cost to remove roof rack, weld, paint?

    I have some rust along edges of roof rack. Was thinking I would pull off rack and strips and have holes welded and roof sprayed. If you have had this done or gotten an estimate, how much for, what were they going to do? I reached out to a couple local places that I know of and first number...
  7. P

    2f Rebuild Cost

    I'm thinking of purchasing an FJ60 that needs a complete rebuild. Closest reputable shop quoted me $5,100 to rebuild + $1,500 labor. I'd really appreciate some feedback on that pricing. For that amount, I'd almost rather step up to a LS3 swap.
  8. WaTrout88

    Hardtop Restoration Cost

    What have others paid to have someone else restore there fiberglass hardtop? I just got the bill from auto body shop that specializes in cruisers. Just to prep the fiberglass, fab up the metal gutter and visor from CCOT, install gutter and primer. I am looking at bill of $3400 not including...
  9. W

    Cost of Ownership for High Mileage 100 Series?

    Greetings all! Trying to leave no stone unturned, how does the cost of ownership of a high mileage 100 series compare to a mid-sized reasonably reliable SUV (think 4Runner)? Thanks for any/all input!
  10. Lou the fj60

    Desmog cost and how do I do it?

    hey guys i dont have a ton of knowledge with the smog system in the fj60. my smog pump recently seized up due to leaking power steering fluid. I called TorFab and they said it would be a little over a thousand dollars to desmog it because its mainly time. would anyone know what all i need to do...
  11. NewbieMcNewster

    FJ62 Paint Job Suggestions

    Hey all. Looking to get my '88 FJ62 repainted in the Dallas area. I could do some of the prep work myself (removing trim, door handles, lights and grill, bumpers, etc.) but not the sanding work. I live in an apartment community and don't know where I'd manage it! I've read everything from...
  12. LCReunion

    Where to spend the dollars...

    First patient please....former owner of '91 LC80....loved it...miss it....want another one....97's are in high demand and with prices to match....often can find as new as 2003 for similar price...I've read many threads and FAQs....but here is the question again...for both on road/off...
  13. G

    Cost of a suspension lift......

    Hello all I am thinking of the next mod for the truck, and a lift seems to be the most logical one. As my upgrade plans, I have installed EBC Green Stuff brakes all around two weeks ago, with EBC rotors that are slotted and dimpled (not cross drilled fancy and rather pointless for a truck this...
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