1. M

    3FE has no compression in cylinder 2

    Hello all, Long time reader but this is my first time posting. I picked up a new toy this week (91 fj80, 170k original miles, 3FE). It had been idling extremely rough and in order to keep it from stalling you had to give it a little gas... with no OBD 1 codes First thing was to check all the...
  2. Bleu62


    Hey mudders. Just thought I’d ask for some people to weigh in on this. I’m not one for snake oils or quick fixes. I am not suggesting this is a remedy for any maintenance or getting around fixing a real problem ie head gasket or putting new rings on pistons. I was wondering if this would be...
  3. bubfuji

    For Sale 3FE, FJ62 FJ80 polished intake pipe

    Hello, I have a polished aluminum intake pipe for the FJ62 or FJ80. Never been installed. The company the produced this intake pipe doesn't seem to be in business anymore. Asking $100.00 plus whatever shipping. Please PM me
  4. Bike

    73 F engine tuneup, timing and compression.

    I've spent a couple hours searching for an answer to my question. I hate to ask (because I'm sure it's already been answered), but I can't find the answer, so here goes. #1. I'm attempting to set the timing on my '73 F engine. My flywheel has the metal ball, but no other timing marks. I...
  5. D

    Severe Engine/Compression Issue - Next Steps?

    Hi All! I've been a reader on this forum since June 2016 when I picked up my 1994 FZJ80, but this is my first post. Apologies in advance for the lengthiness, but I'm sure the more information I provide, the better you can advise me on moving forward. I got my LC from a local guy who said it had...
  6. Mateo H

    Help/Advice: Rebuild a B or other fixes?

    Ok, I have a situation with my truck and I need some advice and opinions. I've gotten some, but since I have a bit of time before making a final decision, thought I'd get some more. I have a 1980 BJ40 with a B engine. I've only owned it for about 3 years, and it was not exceptionally well taken...
  7. fuzzywuzzy

    How Low Can You Go? - Compression

    I figure I must be doing something wrong.... I just purchased a 91 with the 3FE motor. When I went to have it smogged prior to transferring title it failed. I went to do a minor tune-up (plugs, wires, cap, and rotor) and figured while I was at it I'd go ahead and check the compression. While...
  8. D

    '97 LC 238,000 mi Compression test #'s - what to do?

    I purchased this from my wife's sister in 2000 with 90k miles. It was my DD until April '14, then only driven 1-2x month on weekends. It has always been a great vehicle, but burned/used oil, slowly increasing thru the years - eventually having to add a quart every 600-700 miles. No leaks, some...
  9. Dork

    Consensus on Following FSM re: HDFT Compression Check, eyc

    I'm putting together a batch of parts and tools to do a bit of inspecting of my engine in the near future; specifically valve clearances, compression test and having a look at the state of the injectors. Since there's no glow plugs on this more, i get to pull a lot apart In the process. In...
  10. meales37

    Need some advice - low compression

    Hello mudders, I have a 77'FJ40 that up till a couple weeks ago ran great, now it seems like to have hardly any power at all. i have checked several things but nothing really stands out. After alot of reading on this forum I came to the conclusion I may have a blown headgasket. i have done a dry...
  11. 69LC

    need advice about compression test

    So as the title states, I have to do a test on a 4.6 rebuild with 6K on it. It has a terrible miss and seemed to be running on about half of the cylinders the last time I limped it home. I did a search about numbers I should hope to see, but would love any additional wisdom. I can't really rev...
  12. stoshzack

    F155 Low Compression - how to proceed?

    Hi All - I finally confirmed what I was thinking all along, my stock (and project) '70 FJ40 F155 engine has low power. Ran a dry compression test and got 90/80/80/80/85/90. I know normal is 140-150. My question is how to proceed? I heard people having success removing the head for milling...
  13. H2o

    Just picked up 80 series 1994 with no compression- Need engine

    Hey all, my friend in PA (also in TLC but does not MUD) just picked up a 1994 80 series LC. He is looking for either a parts truck with good engine, or an engine. Anyone know of anything? He is up in Harrisonville, PA, but often comes down to DC. So anything not too far from those areas would be...
  14. P

    Compression Issues

    My new-to-me 85 FJ 60/192K was brought into the shop and the mechanic is telling me compression ranges from low 80's to 110 and is recommending a engine rebuild vs seal replacement. I'm trying to educate myself so not to get taken. I plan on getting a second opinion but questions should I be...
  15. Rock40

    66' F135 Compression Test, ADVICE NEEDED

    All, I'm currently working on this: 1966 FJ40 Frame-Off Build (3rd Generation Owner) Roughly 2oz of coolant came out when I drained the engine oil and the rear coolant passages are blocked up (no coolant draining from the drain cock) My next plan is to pull the head and inspect the head...
  16. Young n Dumb

    Compression Number Higher on a Hot Engine

    I am a senior in high school (So let's preface this with the fact that I have very little idea as to what I'm doing) and over the summer I bought a '78 Land Cruiser beater off a guy near me for 500$. Fixed it up, seems to run great, but there does seem to be a loss of power. On my father's...
  17. lawdawg

    Compression numbers ?

    Looking at a 40 out of state, compression numbers came back below. I believe spec was 150, but over 105 is okay? My main question is I read in some of the other threads they should be within 10%. Any feedback appreciated on #2 and the results. 1: 125 2: 105 3: 120 4: 118 5: 118 6: 115
  18. dkyuss

    Compression numbers

    First compression numbers are in on my 1981 turbo'd 3b engine with 495,000 kms. Engine history is unknown, possibly rebuilt already? Spec is 427 psi, Minimum is 284 psi, *no more than 28 psi difference between cylinders* Cyl 1 - 425 psi Cyl 2 - 390 psi Cyl 3 - 395 psi Cyl 4 - 435 psi All is...
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