clutch pedal

  1. Bucketdog827

    New Here and have a Question about Clutches and Slave Cylinders

    Hey yall, I am going to start this off by saying I am not a mechanic and most of what I do know is based of looking stuff up on the internet to try and figure things out. I have a manual 91 toyota pickup with a 22re engine thats got a recurring problem: my stick keeps getting stuck while im...
  2. J

    Boot, clutch pedal

    I have been told my clutch fork boot is nla. I believe part number is 31126-60030. Other options? Similarly, I am seeking a starter main terminal boot
  3. baigaqeel

    KZJ71 Clutch Issue

    The Clutch of my KZJ71 is hard & after some drive, the paddle does not come back & I have to pull it with my foot toe. Replaced Master Cylinder & Actuator. No luck. Also removed the Spring at Clutch Paddle but same problem. Gear shifting is OK. Rig has done 180000 Kms.
  4. D

    LJ70 clutch seems "inactive". Car has a hard time shifting into gears until warm. Elaboration in txt

    So, first of all: this is a x-post from /r/LandCruisers. I hope this is allowed. As the title says, my LJ70 has a really weird problem with the clutch. It is as if the clutch is inactive in some way. When I push down the clutch pedal, it moves very freely with no resistance at all, until an...
  5. RBA

    Clutch pedal feels rough gritty after a H55F conversion

    Hi, I have a '89 cruiser with a H55F conversion. Been driving the truck for about 2 months and everything has been great until now. My clutch pedal feels rough, gritty upon depressing while the truck is running. The pedal feels perfectly smooth when the truck is off. I don't see any leaks...
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