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  1. 7nJrX

    Wanted Choke Knob 84 FJ60

    I'm looking for a stock choke knob for my 84 FJ60 ("choke" written out on the knob). Any info about potential sources would also be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Victor LaPorte

    Choke Cable trouble

    I have a 1973 FJ40. I've had this rig for only about a week. I set out to lubricate the clutch cable. Now I can't figure out how to reattach the cable to the linkage. Part of my trouble is I can't see what I'm doing. I have the wire lubricated now and it slides nicely. I have secure the...
  3. M

    Wanted Choke Knob - 1985 FJ60

    I know this is a common request but I am looking for a stock choke knob for my 85 FJ60. Also looking for any thoughts about potential sources. Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. FJ45VTOZ

    Wanted solid choke cable for 1964 FJ45 SWB fixed top and fuel pump

    Hi, im looking for a complete solid core choke cable and knob for my 64 FJ45 as its missing. Also looking for original fuel pump, which i think has a lever on it? Running an F135 with SD40 carb. Im in Australia so would be looking to have posted,at my cost of course. Thanks:)
  5. MScruiser

    Discontinued Toyota choke cable? No problem! Roll your own.

    Like many others before me, my 40 had a choke cable that was in very bad shape and beyond repair. Of course like many before me, I went online to order a new one only to discover that Toyota had discontinued FJ-40 choke cables years ago. What was I to do? There were plenty of aftermarket...
  6. moosfighter

    Wanted FJ60 Choke Cable 10/'80-10/'82

    I am looking for the early style FJ60 choke cable. If any one has one or knows how to find one, I would really appreciate it. Thanks, Eric
  7. M

    Wanted I need a fj40 1979 choke cable

    Hi, 1979 fj40 choke cable needed. Thanks, Mike
  8. davework

    Wanted Choke Cable Later FJ40 for a 1979

    Looking for a clean choke cable for my 1979 FJ40. Have the knob, so also open to buying just the body and cable if someone has one missing a knob. Needs to be in good condition. PM or post me with what you have, pic, and price. Thanks
  9. mwebfj60

    Wanted FJ60 2f Choke knob SoCal

    As the title says.
  10. eaj71

    Wanted Choke Cable - 1980 FJ40

    All, need an intact choke cable and knob assembly. 1980 FJ40 anyone got one for sale at a reasonable price thanks eaj71
  11. YotaJosh

    For Sale [Arkansas] FJ60 Choke Cable

    SOLD Located in Arkansas. Shipping available at your cost. $35 - FJ60 Choke Cable. Removed from a 3/87 model. Includes knob. Moves freely and detents click well. Outer sheath has a small crack, but doesn't affect operation.
  12. 65swb45

    Choke cable variations

    well, I finished up sorting out all the different PCV hoses and breathers and decided to dive into the next snake pit, the cables. I'm gonna look to @RAGINGMATT for the ultimate breakout list on these, as my last phone call with him made me keenly aware he's got this little niche mastered.
  13. Big Sexy

    Wanted WTB Choke Cable

    WTB Choke cable for FJ55. Mine is a '79 but pretty sure any year will do. Thanks.
  14. cppilot

    For Sale Late model FJ40 choke cable Oregon/SOLD

    I have a late model Choke cable for sale. The knob is in great shape and the cable moves freely. The plastic coating around the cable is not in great shape in a few places. $75 Shipped. SOLD!!!! SOLD!
  15. FJ6T

    For Sale FJ60 Parts - 2f flywheel radiator choke cable

    for sale from 10/1985 fj60: 2f flywheel - 100$ Radiator, great shape no leaks - 100$ choke cable and switch - 50$ located in 97223
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