1. Stevenmjones144

    80 series comm issues

    Hey guys, I have a 1991 fj80 and I just installed a uniden CMX 760 CB and a Rago fab antenna mount topped with a 3' firestik antenna. It is mounted just above the passenger side tail light. I have tested continuity and everything seems fine, but i have an SWR reading of 2.5-3.5. I've done a...
  2. James Bentley

    Wanted  LabRak Passenger Side antenna mount - 100 series

    Looking for a LabRak Passenger Side antenna mount to fit a 100 series. I'm ok with new or used. Looks like this: https://forum.ih8mud.com/threads/100-series-labrak-antenna-mount-passenger-side.991039/
  3. bonestock

    GMRS & CB Antenna Mount & Location

    During the quarantine I’ve been working on some radio installs in my 97 LX450. I decided I didn’t want to study for the HAM license and, instead, opted for GMRS and CB. Link to products are below. I am using a Gamiviti DS NMO Mount for the GMRS and have the Massive Metal Shop hood hinge mounts...
  4. Outsane

    Rotenna the rotating antenna mount

    There was interest for a mount I made for my rig. On the what did you do to your rig this weekend. So this is the journey on designing/making a couple more. The original design uses the rack mounting bracket for location , I don't think that will do for most people.
  5. SportsmanJake

    Looking for advice on antennas and mounting locations for CB and ham

    Hi CLCC, I am looking for advice on where to mount a CB antenna and a 2m/70cm antenna. I am asking on the club page because I've talked to a few club members who are very knowledgeable and would like to have some local support if I need to troubleshoot. Goal: Determine best place to mount ham...
  6. BlueSteelGX470

    For Sale  CB Radio Setup, Wilson Antenna + UnidenPro505XL

    Hey there selling my CB radio SetUp pictured bellow. Available for local pick up in Oceanside, San Diego. Both items are like new and selling as a kit asking $70.00 Message me if interested. UnidenPro505XL by BlueSteelGX470 posted Jun 9, 2018 at 1:35 PM Wilson Trucker 200 CB Antenna with 5in...
  7. aaronrules

    Tell me if I'm missing anything

    Hey guys. I put together an Amazon list for stuff I need to put a CB in my truck. Can you all go look at it and tell me if I'm missing anything? You can critique what I have on there a little, but please only for performance reasons. Not something like "I'll never use this because only...
  8. RFB

    CB Radio, what do you really need.

    Again I keep coming with questions. This time Im looking for a cb that will hopefully install under stereo in that slot. What do you really need, I dont want to mortgage the house, But I want a capable unit.
  9. DirtScaresMe

    slee cb antenna mount - fixing the swr problems

    I'm dropping this thread in here just for anyone else who may have this problem. It's old news to anyone who's had this problem and it makes sense when you lay it out, but I spent a good couple of hours messing around with things before I figured out the obvious. I have a background in RF...
  10. DirtScaresMe

    slee rear bumper cb antenna mount

    Curious about this one. There's a mount down the lower bumper (big piece) which would allow the spring to flex and bend the antenna back. The higher mount (pictured) doesn't really do much for front-to-back impacts (the typical problem). Any feedback or ideas on this? Probably will put the...
  11. YSG2017

    Wanted  Working CB40F - OEM Toyota CB Radio w mic

    Anybody have a working, complete with original mic, decent condition late '70s Toyota CB40F, OEM CB Radio sitting around in one of your parts piles or boxes you are not using? Would be huge bonus if you have the radio cut-out relay for it also! If so, please contact me. Thank-you kindly...
  12. meatloaf

    Keep losing my Firestik CB Antenna tip/cap

    Not a really big thing but I keep losing the cap on the 3' tuneable Firestik antenna when we have been offroading the last 3 times. I have it mounted on the Bandi mount and I am assuming that it snags on a tree branch and falls of. Should I crazy glue it & maybe cut off cap if I need to...
  13. Hayes

    Electrically short CB antenna

    Hey folks. Wondering if anyone has some wisdom to share: I just finished installing a CB radio system in my LX470. I've got a Cobra 75WXST and a 3' Wilson FGT-3 fiberglass antenna mounted on the rear ds corner via a LabRak style mount bolted into the lift gate bumper, and connected via an...
  14. chap79

    Ham/CB Microphone Holders

    I've had my radios mounted like this for quite a few years now but haven't thought of a clever way to secure the mics. I'm curious what those with radios are doing. I've thought about the @bhicks mic holders but I use the stock cubby to hold stuff and I have two mics to secure. Gearkeepers also...
  15. krice118

    For Sale  Uniden Bearcat CB for sale CO

    I have a uniden bearcat for sale. Uniden BEARCAT 880 Bearcat CB Radio with 7 Color Display Backlighting Amazon.com: Uniden BEARCAT 880 Bearcat CB Radio with 7 Color Display Backlighting: Cell Phones & Accessories Real pictures to follow! $50 local $60 shipped. Have had for about a year...
  16. Dave 2000

    Your opinions please?

    I recently fitted an Albrecht CB into my LC. Great little unit and fits in the space where the ashtray was, antenna was a simple Midland mag mount, centre load whip about two foot long, put it on the left corner of bonnet near the screen, quick easy SWR, just temporary fit as I was pushed for...
  17. mulchiro

    Outback roof console install - headliner question

    I'm one of the unicorn trucks with no sunroof and I'm trying to install an outback overhead console in my 91. I want to mount my CB to it. I am trying to figure out how to run the coax from the engine bay to the center of the headliner. The only threads I can find about lowering the headliner in...
  18. prophetone

    88 FJ62 CB Radio Install

    Hey all, first post, thought I'd share a simple, cheap 'n cheerful, non-destructive, under dash mount cb setup I just tossed in my '88 62. I've only had the beast for a few months and am slowly performing the many upgrades, fixes and add-ons as time and $ allows, and naturally installing a cb...
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