brake pads

  1. HDJdreams

    Brake Pad Riddle?

    I have had unimpressive brake performance for the last several years. I just went through my rear axle (which was leaking gear oil all over the drivers side) replacing bearings, seals, parking shoes, rotors, calipers (because one leaked as I pushed the piston back in), pads, and Slee...
  2. suittsonmission

    Lights and Brake Pads

    Hey Guys, I have two Questions... 1)BARKE PADS: I live in africa and OME parts for my 100 1 HD are about 3 times the price as they are in the USA. So my question is are the brakes on my 1 HD the same as on the V8 100 in the US? I have a friend coming from the USA that can bring me a set of...
  3. G-Cat

    OEM Brake Pads (1986 Pickup)?

    Does Toyota not make front brake pads for my 1986 4x4 Pickup Truck? I've tried to order, twice, from online Toyota parts suppliers, only to have the total refunded a week later with no explanation. If no Toyota, what are y'all using?
  4. 92RedToy

    changing brake pads on 2011 FJ Cruiser

    I've changed brake pads before but not on a fj cruiser (I've never worked on a FJ Cruiser)... I'm changing the break pads in the front and going to have the rotors re-surfaced. Before I open it up I want to make sure that I do everything rite. I heard to be careful with the ABS speed sensor.. Is...
  5. tucker74

    For Sale 100 Series front brake pads

    Was sent these by mistake, fit '98-02 (04465-60220) and I've got a '06. $55 + ride Tucker
  6. Malleus

    80 vs 100 brake pads

    Would someone who has made the switch describe the difference between these two pads?
  7. gheverly


    So, my e-brake light is turning on randomly. At first I thought it was just the electrical circuit issue causing the light to indicate that the e-brake was still engaged although it was not. But some research how now shown me that the e-brake light indicates the e-brake being engaged, brake...
  8. LouisianaRubicon

    New StopTech brake kit

    Bought these today: $435 shipped (use coupon code BIG25) 967.44091 StopTech High Carbon Stage 3 Truck & Fleet Brake Kit =Combo 126/306 I'll use this thread to report back after I get them installed and also to document long term performance. I spoke with JB on the phone and I have to say I'm...
  9. Scubadoc

    bj42 brake pads

    Anyone know the best/correct front disc brake pads for my Aussie 1982 BJ42lx? Are they the same for all 1982 Fj40s? The BJ42 doesn't come up on the search at the usual NAPA/autozone places. Should I get OEM from Beno? Or are there newer / better / cheaper replacement parts? Thanks.
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