body mounts

  1. Swampfox58

    Body mount replacement

    Anyone have a good source for replacement mounts for our 55's? Trying to square my pig up and want to replace / refurbish the rubber mounts. Thanks
  2. LuckySomer

    Wanted Front body mounts located next to radiator brackets (FJ80 series.

    I'm working through a Roger Brown 1' lift and found my front frame bolts seized to the Front Body mounts. So much for the bolt sliding out. I'm looking for a pair of Front Body Mounts. Pictured is one pulled and the location of the other. They look very similar to the front mounts on the...
  3. F

    60 Body mounts are expensive!

    Bodymounts for an 86 fj60 seem a bit pricy, after all they're not made of much.. Are there commonly used mounts off of other trucks that are cheaper, or mounts that are just made for general use? I would love to save a few bucks, got a tight pocket... Who can blame me though? :P
  4. jakedwilson

    For Sale Misc. FJ40 Parts FREE (Salem)

    I have a bunch of random FJ40 parts, some aftermarket and some original. These were removed from a 72. Free to whoever wants them. Please email or text me. Would rather not ship. Thanks, 503-913-1141 Weatherstripping tail light housings body mounts window vent door...
  5. beno

    60/61/62 Body Mounts/Hardware/Part Numbers

    A lot of people have asked what the entire body mounting system looks like from Toyota regarding the part numbers needed. I have one to deliver to a customer and thought I would take some pics for reference purposes and posterity. These are still available. It took me 3 weeks to get all of...
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