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  1. 40FOX

    FJ45 1965 Body Mounts?

    I have started a new project, a 1965 FJ45, but I have having some trouble finding body mounts, can any one time me if they are the same as the later models 1967 on? Thanks
  2. THLJ626

    200 series body mounts to 80 series chassis

    Howdy, wanting to know what is required to weld 200 series body mounts to my 80 series and if that is even possible. I've seen on 4wd Action Australia that Shawno put 200series mounts on a 80 series chassis (the new dirty 30) but they just said that's what they did, there we no details as to how...
  3. Swampfox58

    Body mount replacement

    Anyone have a good source for replacement mounts for our 55's? Trying to square my pig up and want to replace / refurbish the rubber mounts. Thanks
  4. LuckySomer

    Wanted  Front body mounts located next to radiator brackets (FJ80 series.

    I'm working through a Roger Brown 1' lift and found my front frame bolts seized to the Front Body mounts. So much for the bolt sliding out. I'm looking for a pair of Front Body Mounts. Pictured is one pulled and the location of the other. They look very similar to the front mounts on the...
  5. F

    60 Body mounts are expensive!

    Bodymounts for an 86 fj60 seem a bit pricy, after all they're not made of much.. Are there commonly used mounts off of other trucks that are cheaper, or mounts that are just made for general use? I would love to save a few bucks, got a tight pocket... Who can blame me though? :P
  6. jakedwilson

    For Sale  Misc. FJ40 Parts FREE (Salem)

    I have a bunch of random FJ40 parts, some aftermarket and some original. These were removed from a 72. Free to whoever wants them. Please email or text me. Would rather not ship. Thanks, 503-913-1141 Weatherstripping tail light housings body mounts window vent door...
  7. Onur

    60/61/62 Body Mounts/Hardware/Part Numbers

    A lot of people have asked what the entire body mounting system looks like from Toyota regarding the part numbers needed. I have one to deliver to a customer and thought I would take some pics for reference purposes and posterity. These are still available. It took me 3 weeks to get all of...
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