1. New Years 2019 in San Juanico

    New Years 2019 in San Juanico

  2. pappy

    Pappy's Baja Adventure, March 2017

    Another Baja Adventure in the books. This year, I turned 60 on a remote Baja beach. Nobody around. Nobody, for three days. Bliss. I crossed on March 10th, and made a bee line for the Bahia de los Angeles area. I camped at a bay north of BOLA for three nights. I had the whole place to myself...
  3. BajaCruiser94

    BajaCruiser Club - Baja Mexico

    Hey guys, forgive me if this is not so tech, but just wanted to share anyway... We have had a Land Cruiser Club on Baja Mexico for almost a year now; I wanted to share some small clip from our latest trip last January. I'll upload the second part soon. p.s. - Working on the subtitles also...
  4. B

    For Sale BajaRack MegaMule, fuel can holders, Hella Rallye 1000 Black Magic Lights

    SOLD For sale is a Bajarack MegaMule rack with optional light tabs. It’s in great condition and this rack was installed in August 2015. The Yakima bars are not included. I also have two of the fuel can holders (I have keyed locks for them which I will include, if interested) and 4 Hella Rallye...
  5. DanMedeiros

    APP for Navigating in Baja

    I am heading to Baja at the end of the month. Plan on using an iPad mini for navigation. I have heard great things about gaia as a mapping app. However I went to there website and their mapping coverage of baja doesn't seem that great. Can you import different maps into this app? If so can...
  6. Y

    BFG KO2's vs MIckey Baja Claw TTC's

    Hello! I'm looking to get 5 new tires for my LX450. I'm currently in NE PA and running some KO's which are almost toast. I like the KO's and they've done right by me. But Id like to get something different so I'm looking at Mickey Thompson Baja Claw TTC. Anyone run the MT claw tires in the...
  7. RustyNailJustin

    Rustynailjustin's Baja FJ45

    This is a build I started and completed a few years ago. I get quite a few questions and interest so I thought I would share rebuild thread as it happened with you. This is not what I would classify as "hardcore" but it's not your standard issue 45 and it was a challenge here and there for me...
  8. ih8mudkinkaid

    SOLD Awning Mount for Baja rack

    Could use a new coat of rattle can paint. $75 obo + shipping. Located in Alameda, Ca. SOLD.
  9. White Stripe

    Baja FJ40??

    Anybody know of this fj40? Supposedly it raced in the baja 1000 in the early 70s and had a turbo on the engine. Would be interesting to know more of the tech aspects of the vehicle and where its located. Below is all the info I could find. Supposedly toyota trails in 2012 did a small article on...
  10. Bluetribal

    Bamako Adventures Baja 4,000

    My boss is competing in the Baja 4000 Ralley this year in his Raptor in the Race Category for Impact Racing. Thought I would share and hope to follow along online these next 10 days. Bamako Adventures – Epic roadtrips. Extreme adventures.
  11. Markuson

    Low Profile Roof Rack Options?

    I've searched already...but wonder if y'all might have found something I haven't... So I love the Front Runner system...but I don't like how HIGH it extends upward. I know they have a table you can mount under it...but sheesh. The rack is 6 inches tall. I see this Baja Rack "Utility (flat)...
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