93-94 fzj80

  1. ridgeback rig

    Need to replace bearing on 93

    We need to replace the bearing on the front passenger side of our 93. I have a friend who is going to help me who has done bearings on other vehicles but not on a Land Cruiser. Any tips or advice? Links to helpful threads? Thank you!
  2. ridgeback rig

    Diff lock lights

    I have a 1993. Lights for front and rear lockers flash when I turn the ignition key. But they do not come on at all (not even a flash) when truck is in low and i turn Diff lock button. Ideas?
  3. ridgeback rig

    80s power steering hoses

    I have a 1993 . I want to replace the hoses between power steering reservoir and the power steering pump. I called AutoZone and they said the high pressure hose is about $50. Can anyone point me to a cheaper source? Also can anyone tell me which is which or maybe send me a link to another thread...
  4. ridgeback rig

    For Sale  '93 FZJ80 Triple Locked. Washington $5000

    Selling our '93. $5000. Negotiable. Open to trades - we would consider another 80. Factory lockers work. Washington state truck. My family has owned it since '98. No accidents. Straight frame. Minimal rust. The mileage is high: 436,000. Cylinder head replaced in 2012. Replaced in the last...
  5. ridgeback rig

    Power steering problems

    Our 93 leaks fluid from the power steering reservoir. It comes out under the lid when the engine has been turned on. This is been going on for a while and it's getting progressively worse. I've gotten different opinions about what's wrong with it but I could use some expert advice from you all...
  6. ridgeback rig

    Need help pricing high mileage 93

    My family has owned this 93 Cruiser since the late 90s. We are the second owners. It's time to sell it and I'm trying to figure out how to price it because it has 436,000 miles, it's hard to compare it to anything else I've seen. it had great maintenance for a lot of years but not so much lately...
  7. ridgeback rig

    Lockers on '93?

    We need to sell our 93. It has the DIFF LOCK button. I don't actually know what that means as far as writing a post. Is it triple locked? What information do I need to give potential buyers? How do I get it?
  8. ridgeback rig

    Radiator repair or replacement

    My radiator is leaking along the top seam. It's plastic. Would it be possible to repair it in some way? Even temporarily? My 93 is my only transportation and I need to get it running again quickly. A friend of a friend has a different year 80 series that they are pulling parts from. I think it's...
  9. jtwopark

    For Sale  ARB 80 series side rails for sale

    Complete and intact ARB side rail steps for sale Asking $350
  10. smokymtnjoe

    '93 FZJ80 - Shock Size - Unknown Lift

    My rear shocks are done for. I am not 100% sure what kind/size of lift I have. Can someone help me out with this project? Bought the truck in 2014 and it was already lifted. I do not trust that the last owner had the right shock size and simply just pulling the old ones off and replacing with...
  11. smokymtnjoe

    Wanted  93-94 FZJ80 Air Flow Meter

    Looking for a working AFM for my '93 cruiser. Thank you.
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