1. AlbertoSD

    SOLD  80-series shifter and shifter console (LHD)

    Have a used 80-series shifter and shifter cover from a 1997 FZJ80 (LHD). The shifter knob seems to be in decent shape. Comes as you see in the photos: Asking $100 (or best offer) for both plus shipping from Cincinnati. -Alberto
  2. AlbertoSD

    SOLD  Land Cruiser Products (LCP) Electric Fan Kit - 80 Series

    I have a brand new Land Cruiser Products Auxiliary Electric Fan Kit for the 80-series for sale (bought it from LandCruiserPhil). Adding some other things to my 80 and I won't be able to use this. I haven't even opened the box from when I bought it from Phil, so the photos you see I "borrowed"...
  3. Chachi254

    FIXED!! High-pressure fuel pump circuit won't activate on it's own - installed manual high-pressure circuit switch

    — Thanks to @satchel , this has finally been fixed! Hey Mudders, Revisiting this issue a year later. I'm having an intermittent high-speed fuel pump circuit break that I need advice with. I had posted about this a while ago in another thread before I realized the issue was related to an...
  4. AlbertoSD

    SOLD  80-series CDL Switch 93-94

    New OEM CDL Switch for a 1993 - 1994 80-series: Asking $60 plus shipping.
  5. D

    SOLD  80-series OEM tow hitch SoCal

    $60. Won't ship. I'll be driving from San Diego to San Bernardino soon, so I can arrange for drop off at different locations.
  6. Dim130

    For Sale  2 pair of used original Toyota 80-series + 2 new OMU Nitrocharger shocks

    I'm selling: - 1 pair of original Toyota HDJ80 shocks - front - used condition - 48511-60390 - 100 USD - 1 pair of original Toyota HDJ80 shocks - rear - used condition - 48531-60430 - 100 USD - 1 pair of new OMU Nitrocharger shocks - front - new condition - 250 USD Condition of the used ones: I...
  7. AlbertoSD

    SOLD  80-series Factory Tire Carrier - Sold

    I have this 80-series factory tire carrier from a JDM HDJ81 for sale. All hardware is included that is required for the tail gate, every single part, including the internal reinforcement brackets for the pillar support. Here is a recent thread on how to install one of these: JDM Wheel...
  8. BMThiker

    80 Series Headers/Exhaust

    The guys at ACC Garage are working on new header-to-resonator replacement exhaust kit. Here are some teaser pics of the first install. I neglected to get a pic of the muffler, but it is nicely sized and surprisingly quiet. What I know about it at the moment: Maintains EGR port at rear of head...
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