1. K

    For Sale  Chevy 350 700r4 fj40 trans and transfer case

    Chevrolet 350 V-8 engine 700r4 transmission Toyota FJ-40 4-Speed Transmission and Transfer Case Advanced Adapter to connect FJ40 transfer case to 700r4 Torque converter Was going to go to do a motor swap but then decided to go another direction. Do not want to separate. Looking for $950 obo
  2. Nothinghead

    For Sale  UT - 72 FJ40 350 automatic

    my father is selling his cruiser against his better judgment and despite my protests. Please see the craigslist post and contact him directly: https://www.ksl.com/auto/listing/5330229
  3. Milad

    For Sale  1972 FJ40

    Hi guys, This listing is for a friend of mine. He is selling his 1972 FJ40. It has a SBC 350 with a 3 speed manual, he just had the clutch done a few days ago. Has 4 wheel discs, 4 brand new Falken AT 31" tires, and some more goodies. The car has a brand new steel body tub (no rust anywhere)...
  4. Kyle Kendall

    For Sale  1967 FJ 40 with 350

    1967 Toyota FJ40 Landcruiser Engine - 2000 Chevy 350 - 26,000 Miles Edlebrock Performer Intake and Carb 3 Inch Custom exhaust BeCool Custom Radiator Electrical- 100 Amp Alternator Dual Optima Batteries Battery Isolator Updated fuse panel wiring Modern Custom Panel and Gages Drivetrain-...
  5. D

    For Sale  SOLD! Transmission and split transfer case from '85 FJ60. $350. Located in Poquoson, VA

    Transmission and transfer case pulled from a 1985 FJ60. Located in Poquosn, VA 23663. $350 or O.B.O. Comes with transmission shifter and tunnel cover with transmission and transfer case shifter boots. PaulC
  6. Gengis

    350 000K GX105 what to look out for.

    Hi All I have an offer on the vehicle mentioned and would like to hear from the knowlageable folk. Please confirm that the 105 has the 80 suspention?? It is a manual, but would this have the HZ or the HT motor. We will use as a second car and holiday vehicle, with no extreem wheeling. Is the...
  7. billstoudt

    1975 350 Swap Thread.

    I finally took the plunge and i am now past the point of no return. After 3 years of planning and 2 years of talking about it. i finally made took my first big step towards my swap. i thought starting my own thread would be a good way document my progress. it feels so wrong to pull a...
  8. M

    For Sale  Howell Fuel Injection Kit GM 350

    Includes 36'' harness, Oxygen sensor with weld on bung, Howell programmed ECM, Fuel pump, Fuel filter, 4 barrel adaptor plate, Misc, other small parts, Service manual, Used TBI from a truck I drove a week ago. Everything is brand new other than the TBI. $700.00 General Motors :: GM TBI...
  9. Oxblood

    Sweetpea's FJ40

    So one day back in 79 or so a Colorado man named Nick decided he wanted an an off-road and drove home in his new, red FJ40. A couple of years later a little girl was born and grew up working on this truck with her father between trips to Moab and locations around Colorado. Nick was pretty...
  10. Kyletb

    Chevy 350 Swap

    Hey guy I have an 84 fj60 and I'm looking to put a chevy 350 tbi in it this winter. If any of you guys have done this before and could create a parts list for me that would be great. I want to keep the price as low as possible. I don't know what I want for a transmission yet but I would like to...
  11. jerseypiggy

    73 FJ55 Transmission Swap (with 350 SBC)

    I have a 350 SBC in a '73 FJ55 mated to original T-case (I believe) and original 3-speed tranny (with various adaptors and cross-members, etc). Speedo and e-brake are already gone (and I'd like to get back/working). I want to go 5-speed manual 4x4...not for offroading/crawling but to do...
  12. jesus888

    Chevy 350 TBI help - Won't start...

    Alright boys... need some help... who would you take your truck to (in Atlanta) or what else would you try if you had this problem Chevy 350 TBI out of a 92 Chevy 1500 pickup (was a crate motor) Driving last week, and it stalled and can't get it started... noticed coil wire disconnected from...
  13. suntrakr

    GM  350 chev with starting issue (watch video)

    ok, I've got a 350Chev with a starting issue. Turn the ignition and starter engages then just seems to short out. It sound electrical not mechanical. Here's a video. The sound is the key. The starter does turn the engine over 1/4 turn but then stops and 'ticks' out. In the video, I'm drawing...
  14. Crunchy PB FJ60

    350 conversion vs. rebuilt 2F???

    I'm weighing the options between a 350 conversion and going cheaper and doing a rebuilt 2F. I'm going for cost savings over performance, but performance is nice at the right price. I don't care about getting 10 miles per gallon. I just want my rig to run well. Any suggestions out there from...
  15. jesus888

    NEW FJ Owner - Long Trip Advice... (Lots of pictures)

    So... I'm a recent FJ40 owner, and come from the Classic Bronco world... Just a little history... my good friend and I built a 69 Bronco from the ground up and threw every option we possibly could at it... including a fuel injected 302, nv3550, disc brakes, hydroboost, power steering/brakes...
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