1. A

    Buying a 1995 Australian Land Cruiser - What do you think of the Pre-purchase inspection?

    Hello interwebz, I have been on the market for an 80 series for a while. I found this 1995 Australian right-hand drive LC with approximately 110,000 Kms that seems to fit the bill. Cloth seats, base, mostly clean-looking. I had a pre-purchase inspection performed, and here are the negative...
  2. G

    Free to good home

    Cleaning out the upstairs and can't justify keeping a near mint condition 1995 FJ-80 brochure (The one with the beautiful Moonglow pearl cruiser sitting in a snow covered field). Seems I'll never own one (At 64 I'm driving a GX460) so thought maybe some FJ80 owner would appreciate having the...
  3. bigakguy

    1995 Night Shadow Blue Build

    Hello Mud! I've been a long time lurker and finally got my hands on the rig I've been looking for. A night shadow pearl blue cruiser with grey interior. Truck does not have lockers, however it's not a big deal as this will be more of an overland general camping/DD vehicle. First steps will be...
  4. LostLTinJP

    New Owner of a 1995 KZJ78 1KZ-TE

    Intro Thread Post! Finally the owner of a Black 1995 Prado here in Okinawa, Japan. Vehicle was shipped from mainland JP with 206,000 km, 33in. Dueler M/Ts and a near perfect condition interior. I would like to undertake a few projects somewhat in this order: Rust proofing/coating the...
  5. Salubrious

    Largest Front Mount Intercooler 1HDFT

    Hi guys, I have looked at so many intercoolers that are available on the market, but none of them utilize the the full size of the front grill. I would like to have an intercooler that uses the full space between the headlights only showing the fins, this would look very cosmetically pleasing...
  6. MrMikeyG

    For Sale  1995 FSM single volume black/greern cover---SOLD---

    Hello. Just as the title states; I have a factory service manual for the 1995 Land Cruiser for sale. It is the single volume publication number RM432U it is in decent shape, very minimal greasy finger marks on page edges, no rips/tears, no missing pages, not all marked up inside, and not...
  7. AlexMoore91

    Wanted  WANTED 95 FZJ80 SUNROOF

    Need full sunroof assembly rails and glass. Don't need motor or switches, mine just got shattered and rails bent by a tree limb falling. Need price shipped to 29445 or can pickup within a couple hours outside Charleston, SC. Please send prices. Thanks! PICTURED ATTACHED TO SHOW MY DAMAGED...
  8. Deathvalleypaul

    1997 FJ80 Dash Pad, Headliner, and misc engine and interior parts SoCal

    The following parts are remainders from a restoration on a 97 FJ80 Landcruiser. They are in condition ranging from good to excellent. Please contact me by personal message for prices. I can ship SOME of these parts by USPS at reasonable prices. These are the only parts I have specific to...
  9. Project89

    Parting Out  1995 Land Cruiser ARB Locker & Parts

    Howdy, my name is Ali G and I have a 1995 Land Cruiser straight six 4.5L 1FZ-FE approximately 261,781 miles that I purchased as a project vehicle. While having the rear third member rebuilt at ECGS and having an ARB installed; I pulled the motor out since there was an apparent oil leak and...
  10. K

    For Sale  1995 Toyota Land Cruiser -Moonglow Pearl

    Check out the CL post below In Philadelphia, PA Mud Price 11,500 1995 Land Cruiser -FZJ80
  11. M

    For Sale  1995 Green FZJ80 w/ 133k miles Northern NJ

    Unfortunately the time has come to sell my 1995 FZJ80. I am the 3rd owner, with the second owner only putting about 3k miles on it. It only has CDL, no front or rear lockers. Mechanically it is very strong. The exterior is straight and clean with normal wear and tear, but the clearcoat has...
  12. greenseaman

    1995 FZJ80 at Case Used Parts

    I past by Case Used Parts the other day and they had a gray 1995 80 on the front row. I don't know anything about it, but their number in Marion is 843-423-4711 if anyone is interested.
  13. FJ40_Nut

    For Sale  1995 Toyota Pickup expedition build ready

    Here's my 1995 Toyota Pickup. I purchased this about 2.5 years ago with 68,000 miles on the odometer and have done some minor upgrades and maintenance since. I thought my son would want it but he found an '85 4Runner. I'm moving to an updated vehicle for work so there's no need to keep this one...
  14. jatree

    craigslist  1995 80 in Portland, 232k miles, white

    Not sure if any issues and it's a salvage title but doesn't look half bad in the pictures...and good price depending.. 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser Has anyone called on this or checked it out?
  15. A

    Difference between LC 1994 to 1995 model year?

    Question for any one who can anaswer: I have access to 1995 Service Repair Manual, but have a 1994 LC, What 're the diff.'s. Can I get by with the 1995 Manual?
  16. eurosonic

    For Sale  1995 Land Cruiser

    $2500 click link for more info FOR SALE: 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser
  17. G

    For Sale  1995 fj80

    1995 with 232k. Body and underside are in great shape. Drivers side birfield is starting to make a little noise. Check engine is on. O2 pre heater circuit. Runs great with smooth idle. Interior is sweet. Drivers side seat split seam and was repaired. Aftermarket radio w/Bluetooth. No...
  18. sic4x4chic

    craigslist  1995 Land Cruiser with Chevy 383 Swap (Twin Falls, ID)

    *NOT MINE - NO AFFILIATION* 1995 Toyota Fj80 Land Cruiser $17,500 Looks like no lockers Description: 1995 Toyota Fj80 Land Cruiser Professionally built and installed new 383 Chevrolet engine Msd electronic fuel injection 700r4 transmission Old man emu 3by2 inch leveling kit 129,000 miles less...
  19. Typeopos

    1995 Land cruiser Tranny Pan Help

    Please help. New here and recently inherited a 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser. Love the beast. One problem, the Tranny pan is leaking, very rusted. I am spinning my wheels (or actually not with no fluid) trying to find a pan. No one seems to have one. Anyone have any ideas, or maybe one laying around...
  20. Mattyboy

    Wanted  1995 tan fuse cover

    I am looking for a tan fuse cover right under the steering wheel. Shipped to VT. Thanks Matt.
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