1. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  FJ80 Air intake from Filter to AFM in top condition.

    SoCal, can ship. All 3 pieces are in very good condition, no cracks, or issues at all. The whole set is $116.84 including shipping, or local pickup $100. OEM clamps pictured will be included. AFM is spoken for. MANY OTHER ENGINE PARTS/SENSORS AVAILABLE
  2. Hurleyburly

    Power loss '91 3-FE

    Well, I tried to revive the thread below and nobody bit, so maybe a new one will grab a few bites ha. After searching and reading a bunch of threads I found this thread that describes my issue to a T. Weird intermittent power loss ...but nobody ever posted a fix. I'm including the video...
  3. D

    For Sale  Los Angeles: 1991/Toyota/Pickup

    Bought from the original owner this year but can no longer afford two cars in my life. Crossing fingers she goes to a good home!
  4. U

    SOLD  Los Angeles (SoCal), 1991, Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80

    My uncle decided to sell his FJ80 and asked me to help him. He has owned it for around 10 years. It is my aunt's daily driver to drive around the neighborhood, drop off her kids, go to the store etc. Selling it because he is moving and the LC has to go. General: In need of TLC - Stock -...
  5. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  SoCal. Nice looking Steering Wheel for 1991-1994. No big cracks, good surface, no wear marks

    PRICE REDUCTION $100. This has some small fine cracks on the wheel surface but otherwise really nice! It came from a well kept 1994, but is same as used 1991 to 1994. If interested, please send a Personal Message
  6. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  SoCal: 91-94 Steering Wheel

    Decent condition with some very minor wear showing as pictured, some twist. Fits 1991 - 1994 FJ80s $75.00 It can be shipped within USA for $24.92 or less. NON AIRBAG
  7. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  SoCal 1991-1994 Steering Wheel

    NON AIRBAG. Good condition - no cracks other than some very very fine rubber cracks on rim as what is pictured, no separation. $75 local pickup. Add $24.86 for shipping. It is a nice steering wheel.
  8. bcomnes

    91' FJ80 Air/Climate Dash Bulb replacement

    I recently picked up a 91 FJ80 and am loving it. However as you can see the bulbs for the dashboard are burnt out. I'm not looking to do a full LED upgrade at the moment, just replace with a bulb that matches the rest of the dash. What kind of bulb and how many do I need to get the climate...
  9. Napster

    Builds  Gr80 Build

    Sooo... my 40th is coming up and I want to do a big trip but the pig is in pieces. I am not sure how I talked my wife into it but I figured I should buy another rig! Newer, but since I have a small budget I was shopping for something that needed work. I was open to 4runners, Tacoma, fj80, fj60...
  10. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  Engine External Parts 3FE from 91-92 FJ80 - alt, PS pump, starter, EFI, Sensors Everything

    Los Angeles area - I just pulled and sold the head off the engine. Everything else is still here PS pump with pulley $60. Alternator (NOT HIGH OUTPUT) $500. Starter $50 EFI, Injectors Exhaust manifolds. Valve Cover - Clean and not multiple coats of chipped paint. Valve Train, Pushrods...
  11. W

    Wanted  Wanted: 1991 fj80 transmission

    I live in Va, willing to pay shipping. Looking to see what is out there. Thank you.
  12. J

    1991 FJ80 trouble starting- with a twist!

    After going through winter with no issues, I wound up having a really hard start today. The starter and battery work fine, since I was able to crank the engine a fair bit. After keeping at it for perhaps 10-15 turns of the key, the engine eventually started, stumbled a bit and everything was...
  13. M

    3FE has no compression in cylinder 2

    Hello all, Long time reader but this is my first time posting. I picked up a new toy this week (91 fj80, 170k original miles, 3FE). It had been idling extremely rough and in order to keep it from stalling you had to give it a little gas... with no OBD 1 codes First thing was to check all the...
  14. krs2fur

    For Sale  91/92 FJ80 Radiator - DEAL

    First off - I am NOT selling a radiator!!!! I have been shopping around for a(nother) replacement radiator for my 91 80 series and came across what appears to be the deal of the century, so I thought I would share the knowledge. Pep-Boys is currently offering a 25% discount (at least in my...
  15. Goliath125

    For Sale  1991 FJ80

    I've had my cruiser for about 3 years now, but sadly it's time to sell. It was fun but I'm looking at another project. It's a very solid car, only 150xxx miles on it and it wasn't driven on the harsh winter roads of upstate New York. I've done some work on it over the years but it still needs a...
  16. Stik11987

    BIOR rear tire carrier on early 80 series

    Hi all. I've been talking with Mike from bumpitoffroad about his dual swing rear tire carrier for my 91 fj80. He said that he hasn't seen his carrier on a early 80 series and he mentioned the flares are narrower so modifications might be needed. Anyone put one of these carriers on a early fj80...
  17. CaptainSlow

    Builds  91 FJ80 Overland Build, On a Budget...

    So I got a FJ80 a few months ago, Ended up paying $1200 for it, She needed maintenance galore But relatively Rust Free for MI, So I bought it. To get it up to snuff, I spent 300 (Plugs, oil, Desmoge the 3fe, Rust Converter, Etc...) and another 280 on a new radiator, since that blew up a month...
  18. K

    No power to rear wheels without CDL on

    Hi everyone, This is my first post so bear with me. This weekend I put a new 3rd member in my 1991 Land cruiser and kept the drive shaft off because I need to match the rear gearing to the new front gearing. As I was trying to leave I had no power to the rear wheels like it was in neutral. The...
  19. T

    Wanted  Need 3fe Asap

    I am in need of a 3fe to replace the one in my 91 fj-80. This is my daily driver i just purchased it this summer. Im located on the north side of dfw. Have cash in hand and can pick up my self if your in texas or within an 8 hour drive of dallas. Being a pedestrian in this area is killing me...
  20. mts2snd

    Can a 1991 oem radiator or equivalent be bought ?

    Im trying to source a oem or equal quality radiator for a 1991 80. I searched all threads, found the end of the internet and nada. If it does not exist I'd rather make something high quality fit. Any ideas? Just got it the other week, and got a report from the shop. It pretty much needs...
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