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    Oil pressure sender

    The FSM has a test procedure to determine if it’s the gauge or sending unit that’s causing the fault. In some cases if the gauge is shorted too long it can bend the internals of the gauge to where it doesn’t read anymore but in some cases that can be fixed. Here’s a link to my thread (shameless...
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    Transfer whine

    You can try shifting in and out of low 50-100 times (literally) and often that gets it working again. If it has set for years without being put in low this is common. Mine had sat for a long time when I bought it 5 years ago. I tried this ridiculous sounding method and my lights came on and...
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    Transfer case bearing part number help

    yeah I guess sleeping on it; in general worn bearings would affect the gear mesh resulting noise. Not sure how sensitive the tcase gears are in these compared to a differential. My input and output bearings in the case were good but I replaced anyway. My idler bearing as you can see in the pic...
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    Transfer case bearing part number help

    Are you sure it’s the tcase? I always think of whining sounds as being a gear mesh issue whether in the differentials or the tcase. In my experience bearings typically exhibit a growling noise.
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    I’ve got an ultragauge as well. To fit the fuse cover you’ll notice the connector on the vehicle has another set of holes 90 degrees to the set it’s using now. You can rotate it to point down and put one screw back in. With that I was able to plug in my gauge and close the cover. Though it is...
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    No crank start

    Glad you got it figured out at least. Those cheap battery connectors got me in my past too...
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    No crank start

    So have you tried jump starting it with another vehicle and jumper cables? I have found with bad battery cables that sometimes will do the trick. I wouldn’t rule out starter contacts either as others have said though.
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    No crank start

    I’ll say that I haven’t had this in my 80 but other vehicles every other time myself or a friend has had the power kill after click to start it’s been bad battery cables every time... whether it was the cable or the connector on the cable that’s been it every time.
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    96 LX450 with Timing Chain Gasket Leak

    While the Oil Pump Cover seal is more common, the timing cover can leak. There have been a few instances on here of it. There's an o-ring that seals the passage from the oil pump to the block where the timing cover mates to the block. These can leak over time as well. So yes the pump cover...
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    Builds Spyduh's LX450 Build (Motor Rebuild + Wits End Turbo Kit)|*PLA+-+Top+SKUs+-+All+%28Main%29|Shop+Press|61232&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=*PLA+-+Top+SKUs+-+All+%28Main%29&utm_content=Shop+Press&gclid=CjwKCAiAj-_xBRBjEiwAmRbqYimBDV6dcejpsKQ8A3-CH7H...
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    80 died

    This is a good thread with a troubleshooting guide for common no run failures.
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    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    ^ What he said. If you've ever watched them do it at a driveshaft shop, they beat the living daylights out of them. I'm talking axe style hammer swings...
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    Front wheel bearings --- A few questions

    25-30 ft lbs; do it the way Phil said and roll on. Way too many posts on mud about people having to re-torque after the fish scales.
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    80 Series carbon footprint - I lose

    There are some calculators if you google carbon footprint calculator... If you dare to have cookies on your computer related to that...
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    Taco Owner - LC Curious

    The 2010 and up 4Runners did get the Dual VVT so that the variable valve timing was on the intake and exhaust instead of just intake, which bumped the power up a little bit to save face for dropping the V8 from the lineup. I wish they had continued to offer the V8 in the 5th generations. I...
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