Soooo what the biggest winch you guys put on your Slee short bus bumper? (1 Viewer)

May 22, 2018
I currently have a warn vr8000 on my slee shortbus bumper and im thinking about upgrade it to a Harbor Freight (I know........) Apex 12000lbs and move my VR8000 to the rear so I will have dual winch setup.
The deal on Black Friday from Harbor Freight is just too good to not to think about it. Its 549.99 and I believe you can use a 20% off coupon on top of that.

So the question is, the slee short bus bumper is not very happy when it comes to winches that has a relatively larger size. On slees website it says the short bus is good for up to 8000lbs winches.

what do you guys have?


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Oct 24, 2003
On slees website it says the short bus is good for up to 8000lbs winches.

From the Slee site:


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Apr 4, 2006
The 'old' Harbor Freight 12k. But, as a disclaimer - I have only one serious pull on it. Haven't noticed any ill effects on the bumper.
Apr 9, 2013
Harbor Freight has their 90 day no questions asked return policy, so the only thing you'll be risking is time and trouble if you get the HF winch, pull the bumper and see if the new one will mount up okay. If you're already committed to moving your existing winch to the rear, I'd go for it. I don't think you can get a definitive answer without actually pulling the bumper and trying to mount the new one up.
I'm convinced that SuperWinch is the best budget winch, just my opinion. But hopefully you'll get years of good use out of the new HF winch. They do look good.
Dec 26, 2012
Minneapolis, Mn
As far as your winch choice I wouldn't worry about it being "harbor freight" unless you worry about what other people think. ;) I have that winch and it's amazing! I think I got it for $399 on some crazy sale. So far I have used it to help pull a skid steer out of a pond, used it with a gantry that I built to pull and reinstall a V8 motor in a boat, pulled a couple 1 ton trucks out a bog...etc. If you look at any YT reviews you'll see it's the best winch bargain on the market. I am specifically talking about the 12,000 Apex with the synthetic line and included remote control.

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