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    FJ40 That's been sitting for ~20 years...HELP?

    Just wanted to chime in here and say that I had similar situation. What I did was tear out the radiator, housing, hoses and so on. Then rigged a hose on the outlet of the pump(replacing later) with tape over it to keep it sealed in. Then I rigged a funnel for the housing inlet and poured...
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    73 FJ40 wiring help

    I am afraid it will be the break lights. I really hope I don't have to pull the whole harness out lol
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    Suggested tools for new FJ40 owner

    Depends on the level of the project really. I'll tell you I've been through quite a few cans of PB blast lol. I've also grown quite fond of evapo rust. Yipee!
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    Just a little corrosion

    I took all of the replaceable parts off of mine and blocked it upward using old hoses and poured evapo rust inside the block from the waterpump inlet. Let it sit for a good while until it had a chance to break it down real nice. Then rigged a pump to it and flushed the sucker real good. Got...
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    '75 2F won't start, question about voltage at the ignitor and coil

    Interestingly enough my 73 with the F is doing the same thing and through searches I've concluded what the above person says about the ballast resistor. It's a cheap part to throw in. I ordered one off Amazon. Some have said nappa has some but mine didn't and had to order for same price I was...
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    s***scared newbie 40 build

    Such good advice lol. Simple but so so true. Tinker tinker tinker. And most of all. Listen to the guys and gals Here. Nicest and most knowledgeable community I've ever been apart of.
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    Parting out 72 FJ40 F engine

    Now that I know about it I will go take a look. I have a 73 F. I do find it a little difficult to find things sometimes.
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    Lower thermostat housing install

    Honestly I've been very tempted at these do u have a pic of urs mounted? Because im gonna run thermo cure after its all back together and I might just throw me one of those in just to make myself feel better haha
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    Lower thermostat housing install

    The thermostat I ordered came with the little gasket luckily however the upper housing gasket they sent was wayyy to small not sure how that happened. Got another ordered to pick up tomorrow and I beaded the entire length and around the holes of the gasket on both sides of the felpro gasket it...
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    Lower thermostat housing install

    got it on fingers crossed
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    Lower thermostat housing install

    Thank you for your reply.
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    Lower thermostat housing install

    Hey folks, What started as me having s leaky radiator has turned into a effort to clean out and restore the cooling system First I discovered my radiator leaked horribly after getting up to temp for the first time. Figured a new radiator was in order. (Thanks to the amazing Trigger66 who sent...
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    Break warning switch leak

    Will do thanks for the info!
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    Break warning switch leak

    Dang I didn't use anything like that. Hope I didn't damage it. I'll try to take them out and put some locktite on them
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    Break warning switch leak

    1973 FJ40 I got a new master and wanted to plug the warning switches but for the life of me couldn't find the correct thread type so I broke down and bought some OEM switches just to plug the damn things. Anyways I've installed them and can't for the life of me get them to stop leaking. I've...
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