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    '98 LX470 Oil Everywhere!

    If the fluid is bright red, that tells me it hasn't been in there for long at all. I would wager a guess that PS fluid was a bit low, likely due to a leak, and the seller just topped it off. I'm guessing they didn't do a complete flush just before selling.
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    Self start 100 series

    I had similar symptoms at one point. For me, the starter would engage while driving and end up stalling the engine. With the key in the ON position, it would actually start itself up again. I ended up replacing the starter relay, no issues since then. I would be surprised if a worn out...
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    Where to get Genuine Toyota OEM shocks?

    I've purchased from them several times, no issues. I've also use McGeorge Toyota several times.
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    What tools do i need to replace/remove CV on trail?

    If it is front diff, you can just remove the hub flanges, no need to pull the whole CV out. Remove the front prop shaft with box wrenches and lock the center diff. You'll have 2WD.
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    Automatic Windows: Any way to make them all up/down with one button?

    Had this on a previous car. Really useful when walking to your car on a hot day from 50+ ft away. Roll down all windows and let the heat out 30 seconds before you get it. Makes a difference, especially if there's a nice breeze.
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    What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    80psi at a load of 3640 lbs per tire. That would mean loaded rig weight of what... 14,560 lb truck ??? Heavier load means higher psi to get the optimal rubber deformation as it contacts the ground, etc. etc. Assuming it's all linear (which it probably isn't) half that weight (7,200+ lb truck)...
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    Stripped transmission drain plug

    I believe the suggestion is to use an Engine Oil plug in place of the Transmission plug. I haven't verified, but assuming that the engine oil plug is larger diameter than transmission drain plug.
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    Leather seat comfort of lx470 vs GX470 vs gx460

    We're actually going through the same thing as well. My ranking of comfort would be LX, GX470, then the GX460. For most of the model years of the GX460, they seem to have very "boxy" seats with not much contour. The GX470 seemed to have a better fit/feel to them, but not to the level of the...
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    cracks in both side exhaust manifolds

    Not a red flag and doesn't indicate any other or deeper issues. Also, should not be a cause of any other issues either, even if they have been leaking for a while. The exhaust manifold leaks are quite common. Factory Toyota parts alone are $500-700. They are somewhat time consuming to replace...
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    Anyone know what this warning light means?

    If a shop did the work, take it back to them. If the light wasn't on when you took it in, then it's something they caused. Whether it be an issue with the timing or an unconnected sensor or hose, something is wrong. A properly done timing belt + water pump should not result in the check engine...
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    Low speed wobble? Not wheels

    By "rotated tires" are you actually saying that both tires originally in the front are no longer in the front? I had a very similar symptom and it turned out one of my front tires was bulging where the tread is. The internal plys were separating, I couldn't see it until it was pointed out to...
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    gas smell inside after starting engine

    @kelly saad Did you ever find a cause / cure for this? Mine is doing the same thing at startup.
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    "The Big Three" Electrical Upgrade

    Not sure we are talking about the same grounds. I'm talking about the one from the battery to the engine, the one in the picture above that is cut right at the battery terminal. I want to put a new lug on it and new clamp. If I had to guess, I would say it's closer to 8 awg, but want to be...
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    "The Big Three" Electrical Upgrade

    Do you happen to know what gauge the ground cable is that runs to the back of the engine?
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