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    Low speed wobble? Not wheels

    By "rotated tires" are you actually saying that both tires originally in the front are no longer in the front? I had a very similar symptom and it turned out one of my front tires was bulging where the tread is. The internal plys were separating, I couldn't see it until it was pointed out to...
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    gas smell inside after starting engine

    @kelly saad Did you ever find a cause / cure for this? Mine is doing the same thing at startup.
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    "The Big Three" Electrical Upgrade

    Not sure we are talking about the same grounds. I'm talking about the one from the battery to the engine, the one in the picture above that is cut right at the battery terminal. I want to put a new lug on it and new clamp. If I had to guess, I would say it's closer to 8 awg, but want to be...
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    "The Big Three" Electrical Upgrade

    Do you happen to know what gauge the ground cable is that runs to the back of the engine?
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    Maintenance after long road trip??

    Wash, clay bar and wax???
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    Cig lighter to Dual USB conversion

    I give you guys kudos for taking the time to swap out the cigarette lighter outlet for the USB outlets, but I have to ask, why not just pick up one of these low-profile adapters for $10?
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    Rear wiring routing

    I routed a big 2/0 awg cable through the firewall on driver side, then through kick panel area. I punched a new hole with bulkhead fitting, but if your wires are small enough, you can poke through one of the existing rubber boots. Remove the two kick plates (if that's what you call them, the...
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    Where's the 100 Series Swag????!!!!

    I'd be in for a shirt. Can you stick 285/75R16 KO2s on there? Hahaha j/k.
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    Drip drip

    With part number. Dripping condensation under glovebox
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    What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    You could fit some nice equipment in the tailgate with a single door. ;)
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    27F AGM battery option

    Can you post a report on what Batteries Plus tells you?
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    Reliable windshield wiper replacement

    This. With OEM wipers, you can buy cheap OEM refills (just the rubber blade part) each year. Hard to beat.
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    Anyone using X2 Power batteries?

    Yes, the 27F is a perfect fit in the stock tray. I just posted my thoughts after running one for 2yrs in the thread linked above ^.
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    27F AGM battery option

    I've been running the X2Power 27F battery for a couple of years now. It's my starting battery and I also run my accessories off it, including an ARB fridge. When the battery was new, it would keep the fridge going through the entire weekend. Today, the battery won't last overnight with the...
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