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    Aftermarket Fuel Pump or OEM?

    Pull the pump assembly out to see if the pump well has trash in it that may cause the pump screen to get blocked?
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    1991 FJ80 Overheated, no start

    If the cooling system (pump, hoses, radiator) overheated and BLEW UP, it can certainly cause a lot of steam/smoke. BTDT! Clean it up. Do a compression test. If OK, then replace the damaged goods. Fan and fan clutch should be OKK unless physically damaged.
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    Aftermarket Fuel Pump or OEM?

    Does not sound like a fuel pump problem. Pump does not know which way you are steering.
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    1FZ-FE Rebuild w /Aftermarket Parts?

    I have the Felpro H G on mine. I had a valve problem to deal with. The Felpro does have the smaller, round water passage holes behind #6. My engine has 255000 on it. P O installed the S C around 50000. I did HG at 180000. Still runs fine, and I flog mine to redline frequently! I would not...
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    HPP Lunds Parts, Pinion Yoke?

    Lots of Aussies on F B Groups. Check there?
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    Fzj80 ob2 Bluetooth scanner

    I had the Ultra but it faded out so I got a Scangauge II. Seems to be holding up in the AZ sun. I mounted it on the dash and run it full time. I don't need to look for it or interrupt a call to see it. I have 2 gauges on the A pillar and everything is easy to see.
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    Head Gasket Replacement *(2 Years Overdue)

    I usually get those last2 bolts by reaching under the exhaust manifold. It's a trick that ToolsRUs taught me.
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    4x4Labs bumper swingout rattle

    Might be hard to tell from the pic I posted, but my latch sits at a 45 degree angle pulling the swing arm both down onto a Rilson landing pad anforward against a 1.5" tall anchor welded onto the deck. Kinda tucks it both directions.
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    tire question

    We have about 2500 miles of trail, not roads, in the Tonto. Must be a few good ones in there somewhere? Most. Folks complain about street/highway performance with sockers over 37s. They can't understand that you can shift down manually and push the rpm up over 4000.. mine sees 4500+ in...
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    Steering Knuckles leaking Diff oil after rebuild.

    Exactly. Some moly grease brands separate more than others.
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    tire question

    Most of these rigs that wheel hard are running the low range underdrive gear set.
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    Sideview mirror can't stay open

    Our shop has a different way of fixing the mirrors. We made a couple custom tools for it, but it doesn't require a lot of extra parts.
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    Gearing option w/ OEM lockers

    Well, kinda. Lift allows for wheel travel. Upward travel We usually do a 4" lift for 37s. I am on 4" and 1" spring spacers, custom sway bar drops, and 2.5" bump stop spacers. When I am totally crossed up in the rocks I get a wee bit of rub in the top of my reat fenderwells, but no...
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    tire question

    When I bought my rig it had 315s over 4.88s. So more rpm at a given speed than after I went to 37s. I did not notice any change in oil consumption when my average rpm dropped. We always do valve stem seals with every H G job. In about a dozen of these the oil consumption has dropped...
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    tire question

    Yea, OK, whatever. It's already being done dude.
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