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    New Member in NH

    Welcome, there is no new member forum, so you're in the right spot! If you haven't check out the FAQ section, and specifically look for base-lining your rig. At 38K, it is a rarity in deed. There are members her with 10x that. Mine has 320K...
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    For Sale SF Bay Area: FZJ80 emergency brake boot

    I'll take it.
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    3FE, Better MPG with higher octane fuel?

    Also do not forget, running E85 (not 85 octane, but fuel with 15% Ethanol) can potentially mess up our engines over time, in additon to crap mileage. The Ethanol is notoriously corrosive on older components, seals, etc. Newer engines have components engineered to withstand this, but 25 years...
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    I guess I'll be keeping the 80-Series a bit longer...

    The old Defenders ain’t what they used to be...
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    Happy Easter !

    Happy Easter LSLC! I have been Personna non-Grada for quite some time now, busy with work, however miss coming around and seeing you guys. I wish all of you and your families a wonderful day and season!
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    Wits' End- so much free time to develop more stupid crap (AKA PS plug)

    Now I get to have extra anxiety on top of the pile. Shouldn't this be sold as a SHTF keychain fob? Goes on the same keychain as the console lockbox Medlock key? need to do one of those twist lock cables so you can undo it for your keys...
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    For sale, Wanted,Trade and Free Tread

    For what series of vehicle?
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    RTH - need name / part number for ignition cable to distributor from igniter.

    Vroom! Thank you @NLXTACY !
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    RTH - need name / part number for ignition cable to distributor from igniter.

    You are the man Joey! PMing you now with paypal info.
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    RTH - need name / part number for ignition cable to distributor from igniter.

    This afternoon while changing my cap / rotor, the cable tip from the igniter module to the cap broke - the cap lead end was seized inside the cap tip, need to get one on order immediately. Thanks in advance!
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    Bolts for fusible links

    I went with replacement terminals - marine brass and connected the FL to this.
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    For Sale 80 series radio antenna assembly

    is this still available, what year is it from? (91-95 or 96/97?)
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    Wanted 80 Hood Wind Deflector
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    Upper intake is off to pull fuel injectors for servicing- what else to do as PM while in that area? 1997 LX 450

    Fuel filter. For the love of god, loosen the gas lines prior to unbolting the filter bracket. Don't ask me how I know.
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    For Sale TN: Pontiac GTP hood vents - 80 series and others.

    Bump. Have these in my hood
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