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    For Sale TN: Pontiac GTP hood vents - 80 series and others.

    Bump. Have these in my hood
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    How bad is it, Doc?

    That is from rubbin your tire - clean it, get into it if you can, paint the spot, check over it after wheeling to make sure its coated.
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    For Sale TX: 80 clear corners / clear turn signals

    Great price, pissed cuz I’m in dallas and I just bought theses from same seller 1.5 months ago.:bang:
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    Project Clifford 40" Tires 0" lift

    Bravo! Looks spectacular! Now, what do we do to keep the nice new paint from getting beat to sh*t by crap kicked up from the wide tire stance? Doing flaps or anything? What bumpers are going on? Is it "Bring Your Truck To Work Day" and post new website vids of your tools making your stuff?
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    1FZ-FE The Big Overheating Experiment. TESTED SOLVED!!!

    don't forget, there are differences in "modified" clutches. My first was with 7K (IIRC) fluid- made a difference. My current is like 20K. It roars all the time and keeps things cooler. HOWEVER... in the winters when temps drop below (gulp) 40*f, my engine temps don't get above 181* under...
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    SOLD 95 FJ80 Hubcaps

    If you'll split up, quote me on a single via PM to 75022 (I have three as well...)
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    80 Series Running 16x9" Wheels?

    This issue is rubbing, according to the OP. On a 31", you would have to run a crazy backspace to try to get it to rub. If the 33 is anywhere near 4.5 BS, should be no issue.
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    Join’d the dark side: 80 series owner buys 100

    1) Dont blame you for buyig a 100 - I love them and want one... i addition to my 80 but not instead of. But I currently have a 4.7L Sequoia, so don't have to have another V8. 2) This thread is irrelevant to the 80 forum, get yourself started with relationships in the 100 section.
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    1FZ-FE The Big Overheating Experiment. TESTED SOLVED!!!

    My 1st best result was taking my Rad to a good shop and having it rodded out and re-assembled at about 15 years old. Big difference in temps getting the junk out. Then at about 20 years old the tank broke. Bought a TYC off of Amazon but actually received a KOYO and good stuff there. Best hot...
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    80 Series Running 16x9" Wheels?

    also, for fittament (IMHO) you need to pay more attention to backspacing (BS) than offset, as this will dictate how close the tire is to the frame at full turn. Offset is where the center point of the mount is at (and dictates how far the wheel sticks out from the side. Wider rims with offset...
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    80 Series Running 16x9" Wheels?

    You'll be fine. I have 17x9.5" with 285 tires, 4.5" BS, no rubbing at all. Have easily run 305's at stock height (a few years back) with no rubbing.
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    Project Clifford 40" Tires 0" lift

    @Swag Off Road so stoked you’re in the 80 community. I’ve got several pieces of your equip in my steel fab part of my custom furniture shop, including press brake, roller dies and band saw table.
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    Hi Lift Jack Mount Locations?

    No (extra) noise at highway speeds that I noticed. The mount had a (IIRC) 3.5" bolt running all the way through from the bottom of the bumper tab to the wing nut. Take the jack off, and the block comes right off. you could mount the block with a separate bolt if you wanted it to say on with...
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    Radiator time...

    LOL - Thats funny right there! Glad no replacement is necessary!
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    Radiator time...

    I put a Koyo 2 row in mine about 3 or 4 years back when my original tank top cracked (it lasted a good 20+ years, and had been rodded at least once), been fine. OEM style. My problem currently is that I have a heavily modified fan clutch for the summers, and so my temps in cold weather range...
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