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    For Sale Cambry, IN 2006 Land Cruiser (No Affiliation)

    I can imagine what the underside looks like. Worth about 20% of asking.
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    Pics of 18" 265/70 or 275/70 please

    I have had 275/70 LT 18 Open Country Toyos for 3 years now. Great tires, good ride.
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    Floor Mats for 03 Land Cruiser - Suggestions?

    I installed Weathertech Floorliner mats a few months ago and they fit well and appear to be good quality.
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    Why did you choose your front bumper?

    I have had an ARB on my 60 and now on my 100. They are big and heavy and are also good when camping as you can stand on it, tie all kinds of lines to it: ie clothes drying, etc. I do not have a winch but if i did I would want this bumper.
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    2007 LC “VX”

    A 100 series Land cruiser does not have a cabin air filter, according to the Bend, OR Toyota Dealer or the Roseville CA Toyota dealer.
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    For Sale Oregon 2006 LC 79k miles

    This does not make sense.
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    ARB Front Deluxe Bumper pics on a LC100

    I had SLEE install the bumper along with OME HD 2.5" springs/torsion bars. I am happy with the ride quality, as well as the increased carrying capacity. I have had ARB bumpers on two prior vehicles and there are plenty of other good options but ARB is the original and one of the best in...
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    Battery options for 1999 100 series.

    I replaced my original battery with an X2 Power 27F (the OEM size) from Batteries Plus and it has been great. Toyota/Lexus does not have an OEM size battery available.
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    SOLD TN: 2007 LC *not mine*

    If it has ZERO RUST, why do the undercarriage pics show rusty exhaust frame rails and fasteners. It is not bad, but it is rust.
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    Wanted I am looking for a late Model FJ62 with sub 50,000 miles. Can you help me?

    Obvious flipper. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
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    BaT FJ62 on BaT

    Painted over rust on the undercarriage, certain fasteners under the hood with severe rust, along with a look of being quickly glossed over for the photos is a major negative. This is being priced as if it is a time capsule which it is obviously not.
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    Reliability of 2000 lx 470

    There is an old saying: The cheapest car is the one you already have.
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    Anyone familiar with Vintage 4X4 Parts company with ebay store?

    They have good feedback on eBay. I don't see why they would be a "bad seller".
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    DIY Rear bumper

    Not bad. I see you went for the minimalist look.
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    Need help picking a new battery

    One more vote for the X2 Power AGM in 27F size, $360 at Batteries Plus, so expensive. Toyota brand batteries do not come in 27F, which is the proper size for the 100.
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