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Post 'em up

Discussion in '80-Series Tech' started by Junk, Mar 3, 2004.

  1. Junk


    buggerville nj
    Ok folks. Wanted to create a faq, but this is the easy way. :D

    Here's what I want you to post, first your model and year truck (if intl spec, then please let us know).

    Then in order of your preference, what your top 5 or 10 mods were. This is bang for the buck. So something like expensive gears may be lower than LED's or a Tcase saver plate etc.

    The idea here is to get a thread going where someone with a new rig, that wants to make some relatively cheap mods to the truck can start off knowing these are good suggestions.

    Then your worst 3.

    Here's mine. 1997 80 series, 40th anniv, US Spec, beater edition

    1. Georges LED's - inexpensive and do it yourself
    2. Slee's Tcase skid plate - inexpensive, do it yourself
    3. accessory plugs, both DC and AC - inexpensive and gets frequent use
    4. GPS - somewhat expensive, but frequently used
    5. ARB fridge - expensive, but gets a lot of important use
    6. Second battery - expensive and may need someone to do it for you, but for accessories, well worth it
    7. Onboard CO2 - it gets expensive, but used frequently and has saved bacon in an emergency
    8. Better jack (cheap bottle jack and an air powered one - does not count the highlift which only see action when I'm going wheeling) - very cheap and should be done
    9. electric brake controller (for trailer, would be higher, but haven't been using heavy loads lately) - had someone else do mine and I haul a trailer frequently - if you tow, do this
    10. sliders, but would prefer some changes made to the ones I have - mandatory protection for wheeling, will save you big money, but make sure you get good ones. good ones are not cheap, but is anything good cheap?

    1. Supercharger - expensive, had to have someone do it for me, complicates other repairs - I SO REGRET this
    2. Snorkel - cheap do it yourself, but gets tiring answering questions every few hours
    3. Sheepskin seat covers - these just plain suck
  2. Sammy Jenkins

    Sammy Jenkins

    Here I go:

    FZJ80 '97 40th Anniversary

    1. 285/75/R16 Tires (BFG AT), want to go to 315's
    2. OME Lift (3 inch)
    3. CB Radio
    3. Sirius Satelite Radio
    4. Exhaust

    1. Temperature Gauge (Never Works, POS, Ripped it out after a week)
    2. That's IT!
  3. Riley


    Fort Langley, BC
    This is fun :D

    FZJ80, 1995


    1. Increased the height of the spare tire carrier (stock location). Cost was like $2
    2. George's LEDs
    3. diff breather hose extension
    4. Slee skid plate
    5. OME suspension (this is my favorite but most $$).


    Can't think of any. This site has been preventing me from making any :doh: mods. ;)

  4. cruiserdan

    cruiserdan SupportingVendor Emeritus Moderator Supporting Vendor

    1 blower
    2 lift
    3 305/70 tires on stock steel wheels
    4 water injection
    5 sliders
    6 front bumper/winch
    7 Slee rear bumper
    8 snorkel
    9 adjustable rear panhard rod
    10 Slee headlamp harness

    1 push bar for stock ft bumper
    2 Bosch driving lights
    3 sunroof deflector
  5. Rogue


    - OME 850J/863
    - HannaQuality Sliders
    - ARB Front Bar
    - WARN M12k
    - Goodyear MT/Rs 285/75/16
    - Center Diff Lock Switch
    - Pin 7 Mod
    - 1.5" Spare Tire Lift
    - Scratchproof Flares
    - No Mo' Chrome
    - Spare Tire Lift

    - New Knuckle
    - New Lug Studs
  6. uzj100

    uzj100 SILVER Star

    Raleigh, NC
    What is the spare tire mod and does it work on the 100 series?


  7. turbocruiser

    turbocruiser SILVER Star

    1. Safari Turbo System
    2. OME 2.5" HD Lift
    3. ARB Front Bumper
    4. Slee Step Sliders
    5. Slee Transfer Case Skid Plate
    6. Center Diff Lock Switch
    7. 33" AT's
    8. All OEM Replacement Parts - Super Important
    9. Mobil 1 0w40 Synthetic Oil - Also Super Important
    10. All the advice I get from the forum!!!

    1. Cheap license plate cover from mcparts
    2. Cheap tow strap from mcparts
    3. Nothing else...with the advice I get from the forum!!!

    Future Mods:
    1. MAF Cat-Back Hi-Performance Exhaust
    2. Slee headlight wiring harness
    3. Slee hi-lift roof rack adaptor
  8. bjowett

    bjowett Supporting Vendor

    Western Massachusetts
    I know this is not what you asked for....

    The best bang for the buck will always be friends.... the real ones! :D

    The next best performance gain/$ will always be tires.

    Third is a winch. Ideally, one would never be in a lone vehicle offroad, this does not happen. New Superwinch EP9.0 is selling for $549 at Quadratech - by far the best bang for the buck winch on the market.

    More advice, do it once, do it right with a qaulity product. Quality products only cost more intially. :cheers:
  9. Landpimp


    you move up the brace above the spare tire(now the spare can get cranked up higher), just get some longer bolts and spacers(I used nuts that were bigger then the bolt), I did this 4+ years ago on my 80, not sure if it works on a 100......but i'll take a look sometime.

    [quote author=uzj100 link=board=2;threadid=12515;start=msg114882#msg114882 date=1078407402]
    What is the spare tire mod and does it work on the 100 series?



  10. 1992 FJ80 "Champagne" ;)


    BFG Mud Terrains (31x10.5)
    OME 850/863
    ARB Bullbar
    Ramsey 8K winch
    Side Marker lights
    Rooftop tent (Thanks to our fine, upstanding Moderator!)
    Using all OEM parts! (Thanks Dan!)

    Cheap a$$ CB....should of gone with a UHF...

    Rear ARB locker
    Swapping Yakima Rack for Tradesman
    Rear Tire Carrier (Anyone got a used Kamar/Slee sitting around?)

  11. ginericLC

    ginericLC Wagon Wheeler! GOLD Star

    MH, IDaho
    1. OME J springs (and coming from a former leaf sprung Cruiser owner they are cheap ~$700 with shocks,caster,shipping)
    2. Infinity 6.5" Reference speakers in doors ($79/pr)
    3. Sony headunit with MP3 changer ($295 total)
    4. Cheap Costco wet suit seat covers ($18/pair)
    5. 15x8 Eagle 589s with 3 3/8" backspacing (free on tire deal, WIDER is better!)
    6. Low profile custom tube front bumper (free until it gets done, which is probably never as the fabricator moved)
    7. Sliders from friend for Scout (basically free,traded labor on his Scout which I would have done anyway)
    8. License Plate Frame: Of course I'm happy I drive a Land Cruiser ($16)
    9. Breather relocation to engine bay ($15 1/4" GAS line)
    10. New light bulbs, Hella 4000s ($40, gift from friend)
    11. AIR horns (gift from friend)

    1. BFG 35x12.50 MTs (highway and snow sucks $625)
    2. Sliders from Scout. Should have been a little longer.
    3. Dent (but then again it gives a good story to tell)
    4. License Plate Frame: I am the Big Dog (too many people think I'm arrogant and don't understand the humor outside of NW Cruisers of Idaho $gift)

  12. Garth

    Garth SILVER Star

    [quote author=Hltoppr link=board=2;threadid=12515;start=msg114927#msg114927 date=1078416377]

    Rear Tire Carrier (Anyone got a used Kamar/Slee sitting around?)



    cruiserparts.net has a used Kaymar(bumper and tire carrier)...$540 to your door.
  13. I was afraid someone would know where one was....gotta check it out!


  14. CDN_Cruiser



    The Good (not really in order):
    1) Synthetic fluids and OEM parts
    2)Milford Cargo Barrier to protect my (and kid's) noggen
    3) The 'CDN-Cruiser Custom 1/2 width City Drawer System and Dog Cage Platform
    4) The 'CDN-Cruiser Custom 2 Coffee Drink Holder That is Within Arms Reach on The Center Console While You Drive' drink holders
    5) Slee harness and upgraded lights, rear fog and side market lights (I think - just getting warm enough to install :-[)
    6) 2nd Row Husky Liner and Tuff Duck seat covers - the kids can spill anything without a problem
    7) Driver side seat mounted Mag light holder
    8) Hella map light
    9) Diff and T-case breathers
    10) Waterproof, quick disconnect work light
    12) Thule racks and box

    The Worst:
    1) Cobra CB - gets the job done, but should have gone with a dash mount

    The Ideal Plan:
    1) Slee Sliders
    2) 2.5" OME lift
    4) ARB Bumper
    5) Winch with synthetic rope
    6) Upgraded speakers
    7) Wiring dash speakers to CB and Ham radios
    8) LED lights
    9) Blower
    10) Hella 4000s
    11) Laptop-based GPS or maybe use my IPAQ
    12) Pintle mounted ball hitch
    13) Strobes in addition to 4 way flashers
    14) Snorkle
    15) Center diff lock switch
    16) CO2 or OBA system of some sort
    17) T-case and dryer skid plates
    18) 2nd Battery
    19) Tracking alarm system - ideally a 'free' one using amateur radio..still planning this

    ...man, I gotta get back to work to save for all of this!

    Cheers, Hugh
  15. Landpimp


    doesn't look like a Kaymar to me or at least the kind I have seen.

    [quote author=Garth1 link=board=2;threadid=12515;start=msg114950#msg114950 date=1078418337]
    cruiserparts.net has a used Kaymar(bumper and tire carrier)...$540 to your door.
  16. bkgiii

    bkgiii SILVER Star

    Gulf Coast
    Here's mine:
    96, LX450
    The best:
    1. Georges Domes / Map
    2. Georges Door modules
    3. Slee Harness upgrade
    3.5 Slee CDL
    3.75 Slee cupholder
    4. DC Outlets - 2 front (Ashtray mod) , 1 rear
    5. Aux Fuse Block (Painless, 7-circuit)
    5.5 WeatherTech visors (side) (best I've found, if you are so inclined
    6. K&N
    7. Synthetics (Amsoil)
    8. 100 Series Pads
    9. GPS (Garmin)
    10. Auxiliary lighting (PIAA / CIBIE, F&R)
    11. Dueler AT Revos 285/75-16 on stock wheels
    12. Eclipse replacement speakers - all

    1. DBA Slotted/ drilled rotors
    2. OEM Toyota shocks
    3. Surnoof wind deflector (yeah, yeah..y'all told me so..maybe the OEM one will be better.)
    4. Ionic Breeze 12v ionizer
    5. Bosch Plugs - Platinum +4

    In the works, since I'm 80% road, 20% swamp:
    1. Debate on OME..
    2. Heavier debate on ARB
  17. cruiserman


    Good: Center diff lock switch & OME lift. Adding the Lockright worked out well. Removing the fender flares. Weathertech cargo mat.

    Bad: Liftgate and rocker panel mods. Advancing the timing too far.
  18. Garth

    Garth SILVER Star

    [quote author=Landpimp link=board=2;threadid=12515;start=msg114976#msg114976 date=1078420218]
    doesn't look like a Kaymar to me or at least the kind I have seen.


    He advertises it as Kaymar, so I figured it was some old-school Kaymar. ??? Might be worth an inquisitive email for anyone interested.
  19. sjcruiser


    '97 LX450

    1. OME 861/862
    2. Great cover seat covers
    3. Dash cup holder
    4. Center console rear foldup cup holder
    5. George's LEDs
    6. Slee's headlight wiring harness
    7. Center diff lock switch + Pin7 mode(TBD)
    8. Rear constant power outlet
    9. Diff. breather extension
    10. Second row reclining hinges
    11. Front 100 series brake pads

    1. WAAG guards :'(
    2. Costco's Ionizers

    1. TRD air filter
    2. Frozen (cryogenized) rotors (front)

  20. Garth

    Garth SILVER Star

    1997 40th Anniv, US Spec.

    1) Bought one with factory lockers!
    2) Set of 40th Anniv OEM floor mats from sor. (Yeah, they aint for everyone,but I like 'em!)
    3) Georges LED lights. I won 'em on IH8MUD!!
    4) BFG 285/75R16. Factory tires left me stranded in a blizzard.
    5) ARB roof rack. Family of 5, lots of crap to haul!

    6) Old Man Emu. Heavy/Heavy 2.5" for me. Choose your lift amount, but no 80 should be without OME.
    7) Slee sliders.
    8) Old -style Cruiser wheels/hubcaps sized to 16x8. (Hey, I'm old school.)

    8) Supercharger/Turbocharger (Blower). Cool, yeah, but ONLY after a complete engine rebuild for me.
    9) Snorkel: No deep water for me. No supercharger. I'm 50/50 on the looks.

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