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Dash warning lights staying on and alternator not charging

Discussion in '80-Series Tech' started by Gray972, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. Gray972

    Gray972 New Member

    Hi all,

    I have a 1993 HDJ80 automatic with a few worrying faults. In a nutshell the Toyota went swimming in a muddy pool last weekend. Shortly afterwards all the warning lights came on the dash then as fast as they went on they came off. This happened a few times then the lights stopped on. The alternator has also stopped working at the same time (alltough this may well be a seperate issue) its excatly like when you first turn the ignition, when all the lights come on then go off when you start the engine.
    Lights that are permantly on are:
    Turbo warning light (amber)
    Turbo warning light (green)
    Timing Belt
    Automatic transmission temp light
    Oil Level Check light
    Charging light
    Water in diesel light?

    I have just steam cleaned the entire vehicle including engine bay, I have checked for obvious problems but none seem apparent.

    Has anybody come across this problem before or can anbody suggest a course of action that does not involve 1 gallon of petrol and a box of matches!
  2. kidglove13

    kidglove13 New Member

    Richmond, VA
    You obviously got something wet which is causing the problem.
    I do not know to much about the HDJ, but I would test the alternator first and go from there.
    A bad altermator can make a rig do wierd things electrcally speaking.
  3. brian

    brian SILVER Star

    i thought the christmas tree effect was a sign that the alt quit.

    search christmas tree effect.
  4. jonheld

    jonheld New Member

    New Jersey
    Sounds like a faulty alternator to me. I don't know if the one on your truck is rebuildable.
  5. Offroads4x4

    Offroads4x4 New Member

    Sounds like you toasted the voltage regulator in the alternator when you got it wet.
    The LC will take alot but electrical and water don't play well together.
    You could try taking the alternator off and having it bench tested at Autozone to see if thats it. You could also clean it out with electrical contact cleaner to see if you can save it and than have it checked again.

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