For Sale Texas: LEXUS LX570 20" CHROME Factory OEM Center caps

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Jan 24, 2017
United States
I've got three center caps left, shoot me a price and zip for shipping cost.

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Cash offers or trade for 100 series suspension parts would be a fit as well :)
$100 per wheel, make me an offer on set... these might not stay in the garage thru the weekend.
I've got 4 of these LX570 wheels, two have some marks on them but all true and look pretty nice still. I have 3 center caps, might be willing to split if anyone interested in those seperately.

$150 / wheel or offer on the set, preference given to buying the set.


**I am willing to ship, not ideal but did send off a set of these about 6 months ago for not a bad price - just a bit of work to do that.

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Are these still available as a set? I’m in Phoenix and would need them shipped
Are these still available as a set? I’m in Phoenix and would need them shipped


I driven my 100 out to phx a few times this past year. Unfortunately, I sold 6 and scrapped the last two a few months ago. I do have a few of the caps left though.
edited. not ready to move mine yet -- need to get them out of friends garage first before I publicly post them FS.
@ Scottphoenix:

I have a set of 5 with TPMS on near new Sentury tires x4 and GrandTek spare off of my 2011 LX570.

I am in SoCal by Huntington Beach area. Let me know if you want to come my way .

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