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Jun 2, 2009
Woodbine, MD
just passed a newer LC with 40 emblems on it in Winchester. Said "the duke" on the side. Nice roof rack and awning with a TLCA sticker on the back. One of you guys??
Not me!
I know the one your talking about.

I only take My Junk out in Parades!
Saw a Poverty Pack 80 in the Total Wine parking lot in Fairfax. Never seen one of these in person. No roof rack, no power leather seats, no sun roof, no 3rd row, no rear sliding windows, OEM steel wheels. I would definitely pick one of these up if I found one for sale.
I've never seen an 80 without the sliding windows. Interesting!

But the big question is....did it have lockers? I had an 80 long ago that had cloth seats and lockers - a somewhat rare option...but it had rack, sliding windows, and all the other goodies.
Saw a white 40 driving over 66 on Bull Run around 10:15 am saturday.
Whose red 60 was parked on Leslie Ave in Del Ray this morning? IPOR rear bumper, ARB front with a festive wreath?

Just a couple blocks from my place - just wondering if we've got more cruiserheads in the neighborhood.
Saw this 200 in the outer parking lot where deluth trading is.

^Late to reply, but I saw that same lifted white 200 for a few weeks every day at about 445pm heading south on 234 bypass in manassas. Woman driver every time, been meaning to ask if it is anyone on here.
This past monday at probably 5 or so PM on 66 west I passed a green 200 with Rock warrior rims, believe it was a 2016 due to hood bulge, couldn't really tell at 70+ mph. Had don't tread on me style plates. Anyone on here?

**edit: I have also been meaning to ask who the fellow is that drives the lifted white 80 series that lives in or drives through Marshall every morning at about 630 or so and again at about 530-6pm. Anyone here?
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Seen this at Devils Backbone today.

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