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Aug 26, 2017
Charlottesville, VA
United States
***Pics on Craigslist: TOYOTA LAND CRUISER FJ40/BJ40 DIESEL!

Up for sale is my 1981 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ40. It features the indestructible Toyota B diesel engine (gets 30 mpg highway). Diesel models were never sold in the U.S., and as a bonus this truck is the rarer left-hand drive model.

I’ve put a ton of love, care (and money) into this truck, but have taken a new job with the military, plan to move soon, and just don’t have the free time to enjoy the truck these days.

Here’s an example of the work done on this truck:


Frame-on Restoration

Freeborn Red Paint Job

Engine Rebuild

New clutch

Power Steering added

Tinted Glass

New radiator


OME 2.5” Lift Kit

ARB Deluxe Bull Bar Bumper

New OEM wheels/hubcaps

New 33”X10.5”X15” BFG KM2 Mud Terrains

Metaltech Jackson Roll Bar

New door locks

Floor liners front and rear


Painted hood

New heavy duty battery

New OEM alternator

New OEM vacuum pump

New vacuum hoses

4 wheel disc brake conversion

New OEM brake booster

New OEM brake master cylinder

New OEM wiper motor

New clutch slave cylinder

New fuel hoses

New Thermostat

New headlight switch

New Fuel Sender

I’m sure there’s some things I’m leaving out but you get the idea. There’s a whole book of receipts to comb through if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

I am the third owner since this truck was imported into the U.S. The first owner was an importer/mechanic in Florida who did a frame-on restoration. Essentially, the shop rebuilt the motor, performed a Freeborn Red paint job, replaced the clutch and radiator, and installed power steering.

The second owner continued restoring the BJ40 by upgrading to new drum brakes, installing new mud tires and OEM wheels and an Old Man Emu lift kit for improved ride (this truck rides MUCH smoother than a stock 40 would). The new 33” tires still have the knobs on them (less than 500 miles on them), and 33” are perfect for this engine/trans combo, as it’s just the right size for a “natural overdrive”. PO also had a Deluxe ARB winch bumper installed, as well as a MetalTech Jackson roll cage, all new seat belts, and upgraded door locks all the way around. PO had some life circumstances come up (unexpected child on the way, moving to a new home, etc.), so I took ownership of the vehicle.

I’ve continued the restoration process by having the stock drum brakes professionally swapped for an upgraded disc brake kit all the way around, complete with a new OEM alternator w/ vacuum pump, upgraded dual diaphragm brake booster, upgraded master cylinder, etc. Another huge upgrade has been installing Dakota Digital gauges and all new sensors to get computer-driven readings, just like a modern vehicle. I’ve also recently done all the little things, to include upgrading the fuel primer pump to a Bosch pump, flushing the radiator, flushing the trans./transfer case and replacing with Red Line synthetic, greasing the drivetrain, replacing the thermostat, replacing hoses as needed, upgrading to a heavy duty battery, you name it, I’ve probably repaired or replaced it with new OEM parts. I had big plans to get this vehicle to showroom condition one piece at a time, but life has gotten in the way, so figured I’d post it up and see if the right person will continue giving this truck some TLC. This is as close to perfect as you can get at this price point (Check out ICON or The FJ Company to see what full restorations sell for).

I have all of the receipts from my investment as well as that of the PO before me. All work paid for by PO has receipts from reputable mechanics who performed the services, and all work since I took ownership was performed by a local Land Cruiser mechanic. Almost $40k has been put into restoring this truck-all the hard (expensive) work has been done, just time for the right buyer to come along and enjoy it.

Things to consider

Can be daily driven as is (I daily it) and passes VA state inspection just fine. The only maintenance item to consider for future reference are the following:

The front/rear doors have the usual rust at the bottom. CCOT sells replacement door skins for $300/pair. It’s only the underside of the doors and is not readily visible, nor does it affect the functionality of the doors (all original cruisers suffer from this).

All Cruisers have the “Cruiser Lean” and this one is no exception. Leans slightly to the drivers’ side by default. This is due to these originally being built for the Japanese market (right-hand drive) so all major (heavy) components are installed closer to the left hand side to offset the weight of a driver (22 gal fuel tank, spare tire, drivetrain, battery, etc.). Since we as Americans drive from the left side of the vehicle, most of the weight is on the left, i.e., cruiser lean. CCOT makes a spacer to correct it, and I’ve purchased one to include with the sale. I personally think it adds character, but buyer is free to install the spacer if it’s not your cup of tea.

The passenger floorboard showed some surface rust when I purchased the truck. I treated it with POR15 and haven’t had further issues

The fiberglass hardtop could use a new metal seal. CCOT sells a kit that looks easy to install, or drive it as-is

Doors need weather-stripping. I have some that comes with the truck, but haven’t had time to replace.

Serious inquiries only please-I’m not interested in low-ball offers or haggling; I’d like to sell this truck as there’s no longer room for it in my life but I’m rather attached to it and keeping it around isn’t costing me anything, so not in a hurry to sell.

I don’t need help selling and if the ad is up, the truck is still available.

Over $2k worth of spare parts are included in the sale.


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Nov 19, 2016
Adding pictures in here as opposed to CL Links will get you more interest.



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