For Sale Sold Kalispell, MT. 2006 Lexus LX470

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United States
Well maintained and cared for 2006 Lexus LX470 with 134000 miles on it. Has been my wife's daily driver. In great shape inside and out. Everything works and bone stock no modifications. Have extra steel wheels with winter tires. Power and heated front seats, sun roof, back up camera, third row of seats, navigation, premium factory audio, rear climate control, ride height control works. $17000
Wow. Would you be willing to send a VIN number my way, as well as send undercarriage photos/more photos? You're a bit of a way from TX, but I've actually been up to Flathead before, and wouldn't object to doing so again.
Your inbox is full; please PM me if you're inclined, I'm very interested. Best.
Could you post VIN and undercarriage pictures? Interested as well.
How much salty saline has the rig experienced? Try to get a light under there.
It definitely has a wife loves it factor!
I can put it up on the lift tomorrow to get better pictures if needed.





Maintenance check claims ride height oil black and axles are leaking. Was all that taken care of? Seems like it had issues with ride height sensors also at some point, what did you do to fix? No record of oil changes. Do you have other records?
I will try and gather up any record I received from previous owners. I have not had any problems with ride height sensors or anything. Fluid for ride height control seems normal. Front axle might have a small leak. Will put it up on the lift tonight and get pictures. I have been doing oil changes every 5000 miles since we have owned it. Mobil 1 oil and Toyota filters.
Thanks for the info. Will appreciate the pictures including AHC sys and shocks, etc
Damn this was such a steal, some 03s are asking this much

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